Saturday, June 4, 2011

Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!

This week’s “Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday” is being published on Saturday. Yes, I know. If it’s Funny Quote Friday then I should be publishing it on Friday and not Saturday because then the title of the segment doesn’t make any sense.  However, Yesterday I encountered some technical difficulties which would not allow me to post and I refuse to let this week’s go unposted.
Little Man has quite the sense of humor lately and is totally saying some really interesting things especially considering that he has started using the potty, so this week has presented me a with a plethora of funny quotes to publish and I have had a hard time picking just one. But of course, I have had to choose. So now, without further delay I present to you; “Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday – Temporarily on Saturday!”
The other day we were getting ready to go out for our daily walk. Little Man went and grabbed his shoes and then dissapeared. He came back to me and Dropped my flip flips on the floor beside my feet and started trying to put them on for me.  I looked at him and asked him why he was doing that and he replied with:
"Mommy, don't hurt Baby Girl. Relax."

I am not sure if this should be considered funny because I honestly almost cried. It was so sweet that he wanted to help me do something because he knows I am pregnant. I wasn't quite sure that he got it until then. He must hear his Daddy telling me to relax and take it easy sometimes because of Baby Girl. But I thanked him and gave him the biggest hug in the world and we giggled that Mommy was Cinderella.

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