Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Untruths, Sudden Realizations and Sharing

Sometimes we all tell those little stories to our children that encourage them to behave, or take a liking to something, or to even just eat their dinner. Sometimes the stories we tell are the truth and some are a twisted version of the truth. Either way, We ALL do it at one point or another no matter what anyone says. If you don't then you are just the perfect Mother, and well... I am not worthy.

Now, as a Mother I am well aware of these things, Husband/Daddy knows this as well. In fact, so Does Jay Jay (Mom's In Law). However, Papa (Father In Law) seemingly forgets and I have to admit it makes me giggle.

We went for a visit a couple of weekends ago to go see Papa and Jay Jay. Litle Man LOVES going for visits and gets incredibly pumped every single time. We were all sitting around the dinner table on a Saturday night enjoying a meal and Little Man finished his dinner. Jay Jay offered him some cheesies and of course Little Man was all for that, anything with cheese in the title is fair game for that kid. So as we are sitting around chatting and enjoying our after dinner drinks (of course mine was water... Mmm water how sick of you I am) Jay Jay looks across the table to Little Man who was sitting in between Papa and I and says: "Hey Little Man, Did you know Papa's favorite snack is Cheesies?" Little Man looks at Papa with big wondering eyes and my Little food monger broke a cheesie in half, looks at Papa and says: "Here Papa, you have it." Of course Papa eyed it suspiciously, considering it was a little slobbery and I mean who likes a soggy cheesie.. Hey, better him than me... but of course Jay Jay gave him the look and Papa gulped it down big huge grin still in place and said Thank you to Little Man. What a good Papa. Little Man continued sharing all through his bowl of cheesies, he never offered anyone else one, he only shared with Papa, because they are his favorite.

After the cheesies were finished we started speaking about bedtime. I told Little Man that bedtime was on the horizon, thats when he started making a little bit of a fuss that he had to go to sleep. Jay Jay looked across the table and said to Little Man: "I have something special for you that Papa loves that you can sleep with tonight." Of course Little Man lit up at that thought, but at the same time Papa said: "What are you talking about?" Jay Jay made a face at him and said : "You know that thing you like to snuggle." Papa started getting this confused look on his face. The whole time Jay Jay is reassuring Little Man that yes it's something special and all the while Little Man is going on and on about how he gets to snuggle something special of Papa's. Jay Jay sends Papa another "Why don't you get what I am doing" Look at which point Papa turns to Jay Jay and says: " I still have no idea what you are talking about." Finally he looks at Jay Jay and realizes what's going on and says: "Ohhhhh You're Lieing!"  Little Man's still going on about something the something special. And the rest of us burst out laughing. Took you long enough Papa! Sometimes I swear Men are clueless at this sort of thing and watching the look on Papa's face and the tone in his voice was priceless. Thankfully Little Man didn't catch on and went to sleep that night happily snuggling "Papa's Favorite Teddy Bear."


  1. Gotta love it..I can just hear the laughter in the room!


  2. HAHA Oh Jen! That is a nightly event around here between Papa and Daddy. Men are always very delayed.