Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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Monday, June 13, 2011

Right Now I would Chew My Arm Off For....

Today I Would chew my arm off for...

"A Giant Peice of Chocolate fudge Cake with Chocolate icing"

Seriously.. I am dieing here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Man's Funny Quote Friday!

This Week's Little Man's Funny Quote Friday is brought to you in part by a sick Little Man. He's had a cold for 2 days now and been up both nights coughing and hacking. Last night he woke up for the 20th time at 4:30am, and now those of you that know Little Man know this is odd behavior as he usually goes to bed and stays in bed until its time to get up, no ifs ands or buts. But at 4:30.. even though nothing seems like it can be funny at that time in the morning.. he amused the heck outta me. He opened his door and said:
"I can't like sleeping Mommy, I need to party with my cars"

He said this in between coughs and hacks and telling me his throat hurts. What's funny is that he said it all mopey and tired like.. he then crawled back into his bed and tried to sleep muttering something about his cars are awake and he "no feel well"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Potty Training, its a pain in EVERYONES arse... LITERALLY!

Well, as you all know I have been going through the potty training trials for about a year now. To push him or not to push him, that was the question. He seemingly had no interest what so ever in using the potty no matter whether it was number 1 or number 2 or if I offered him a plethora of treats and toys in exchange for doing it. He just wasn't interested and this made me wonder. Do I push him now? Or just wait a little while longer? I opted to wait as all the research I did basically told me to hold my horses and he would tell me when he was ready. The research was right, and all those people that gave me dirty looks because my Little Man wasn't potty trained at 2 1/2 were wrong. TAKE THAT!

He started peeing in the potty and now has barely any accidents and is actually going through the night without wetting a diaper for the most part. Yahoo! Let me tell you I really dislike the fact that he is still in diapers, and have been waiting for this day for the last year so I must say I feel very enthusiastic about this transition. There is now only one thing holding him back from graduating to big boy underwear and being fully "Potty Trained." And that one thing is Number 2.

So Now I have Started my research on why he seemingly is having a huge amount of trouble and seems terrified to go Number 2 in the potty and I have found good news people... It's TOTALLY normal! In fact, it may just be something to do with the fact that your child's BM's have been too hard or he/she has been constipated and therefore associates having BMs in the potty as being painful. Especially if you catch them mid-BM and try to shuffle them off to the toilet because by that time they start to hold it and then can't go to the potty once they get there and straining is uncomfortable and they start to become constipated. They may therefore associate having a poop in the potty with pain and diapers with comfort, and no amount of bribing or cheering will help clear that association. In fact, the majority of cases in which a child refuses to have a BM in the potty are associated with constipation. It can take weeks, sometimes months for a child to get over having a painful BM or being consitpated, So what can be done to ease the problem!? I will tell you... just be patient Geez....

  • Soften the consistency of the child's stools by providing a diet full of fiber and monitoring his/her intake of dairy products (Sorry Little Man, very little cheese for you anymore, you'll thank me later when you aren't pooping in your pants because your still afraid to use the potty at 24)
  • Once BMs have become soft and comfortable for the child, begin by keeping track of when your child has a BM in his/her diaper. There may be a routine or time-line in which they have BMs. This will give you the opportunity to encourage your child to sit on the potty when it's about time for a poop.
  • Continue to let him/her have their BM in their diaper if you notice they are going, but empty the contents into the Potty afterward and show them that their BM belongs in the Potty NOT in their diaper.
  • Take the time to read children's books about Potty training to your youngin'. This may encourage them to use the potty like the characters in the book.
  • Have your child sit on the toilet numerous times a day. Do NOT pressure him/her to have BM. Your main goal is to get him/her to relax while sitting on the potty.
  • And last but not least PRAISE! Lots of it! Always remember if your Little One isn't able to have a BM on the potty but at least tries.. that really is a positive thing in itself!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Product Reviews

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Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!

This week’s “Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday” is being published on Saturday. Yes, I know. If it’s Funny Quote Friday then I should be publishing it on Friday and not Saturday because then the title of the segment doesn’t make any sense.  However, Yesterday I encountered some technical difficulties which would not allow me to post and I refuse to let this week’s go unposted.
Little Man has quite the sense of humor lately and is totally saying some really interesting things especially considering that he has started using the potty, so this week has presented me a with a plethora of funny quotes to publish and I have had a hard time picking just one. But of course, I have had to choose. So now, without further delay I present to you; “Little Man’s Funny Quote Friday – Temporarily on Saturday!”
The other day we were getting ready to go out for our daily walk. Little Man went and grabbed his shoes and then dissapeared. He came back to me and Dropped my flip flips on the floor beside my feet and started trying to put them on for me.  I looked at him and asked him why he was doing that and he replied with:
"Mommy, don't hurt Baby Girl. Relax."

I am not sure if this should be considered funny because I honestly almost cried. It was so sweet that he wanted to help me do something because he knows I am pregnant. I wasn't quite sure that he got it until then. He must hear his Daddy telling me to relax and take it easy sometimes because of Baby Girl. But I thanked him and gave him the biggest hug in the world and we giggled that Mommy was Cinderella.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Untruths, Sudden Realizations and Sharing

Sometimes we all tell those little stories to our children that encourage them to behave, or take a liking to something, or to even just eat their dinner. Sometimes the stories we tell are the truth and some are a twisted version of the truth. Either way, We ALL do it at one point or another no matter what anyone says. If you don't then you are just the perfect Mother, and well... I am not worthy.

Now, as a Mother I am well aware of these things, Husband/Daddy knows this as well. In fact, so Does Jay Jay (Mom's In Law). However, Papa (Father In Law) seemingly forgets and I have to admit it makes me giggle.

We went for a visit a couple of weekends ago to go see Papa and Jay Jay. Litle Man LOVES going for visits and gets incredibly pumped every single time. We were all sitting around the dinner table on a Saturday night enjoying a meal and Little Man finished his dinner. Jay Jay offered him some cheesies and of course Little Man was all for that, anything with cheese in the title is fair game for that kid. So as we are sitting around chatting and enjoying our after dinner drinks (of course mine was water... Mmm water how sick of you I am) Jay Jay looks across the table to Little Man who was sitting in between Papa and I and says: "Hey Little Man, Did you know Papa's favorite snack is Cheesies?" Little Man looks at Papa with big wondering eyes and my Little food monger broke a cheesie in half, looks at Papa and says: "Here Papa, you have it." Of course Papa eyed it suspiciously, considering it was a little slobbery and I mean who likes a soggy cheesie.. Hey, better him than me... but of course Jay Jay gave him the look and Papa gulped it down big huge grin still in place and said Thank you to Little Man. What a good Papa. Little Man continued sharing all through his bowl of cheesies, he never offered anyone else one, he only shared with Papa, because they are his favorite.

After the cheesies were finished we started speaking about bedtime. I told Little Man that bedtime was on the horizon, thats when he started making a little bit of a fuss that he had to go to sleep. Jay Jay looked across the table and said to Little Man: "I have something special for you that Papa loves that you can sleep with tonight." Of course Little Man lit up at that thought, but at the same time Papa said: "What are you talking about?" Jay Jay made a face at him and said : "You know that thing you like to snuggle." Papa started getting this confused look on his face. The whole time Jay Jay is reassuring Little Man that yes it's something special and all the while Little Man is going on and on about how he gets to snuggle something special of Papa's. Jay Jay sends Papa another "Why don't you get what I am doing" Look at which point Papa turns to Jay Jay and says: " I still have no idea what you are talking about." Finally he looks at Jay Jay and realizes what's going on and says: "Ohhhhh You're Lieing!"  Little Man's still going on about something the something special. And the rest of us burst out laughing. Took you long enough Papa! Sometimes I swear Men are clueless at this sort of thing and watching the look on Papa's face and the tone in his voice was priceless. Thankfully Little Man didn't catch on and went to sleep that night happily snuggling "Papa's Favorite Teddy Bear."

Shocking Days, Equal Battles and Potty Parties!

Well, it has been a while since I have written. Been pretty busy with all kinds of crazy things going on, but have finally found the time.. no, MADE the time to sit down and update my blog.

Last Friday I went and had my Gender Ultrasound and found out what we are having. I have to admit, because my policy is honesty.. that I was SHOCKED! Not disappointed, or upset... but SHOCKED! I spent the entire ultrasound thinking one thing, the heart rate seemingly confirmed my belief and at the end of the ordeal the technician told me the gender and I admit... I stopped breathing for a second. I honestly looked right at her and said: "REALLY!?", "Are you sure!?" The technician then pointed out what confirmed her analysis and I just sat there in shock for a second. I was so sure. But, I was wrong! It took me a while to come to grips with the fact that there is a little girl growing in my belly. A GIRL!? Is that even possible? I am such a Tom boy I just assumed that I'd end up with two boys to rough house and play together. I have spent the past week looking at girly stuff for baby girl online, buying a few pink things here and there and trying to picture my life with a little girl in it. And I have finally convinced myself that yes, there is in fact a girl in my belly. Now, that the shock has worn off and the wave of terror rolled off my back (Terror because I feel like if it were a boy I would have know a bit better what to expect, and now I am back to square one.) I am feeling so excited I can't even contain it. A GIRL! Ha Ha Husband/Daddy your dreams of 3 against 1 have now turned into an equal battle of the sexes and Baby girl and I will win with our sweet smiles and long eyelashes. This is going to be a totally different experience! I am pumped. Little Man seemingly understands that it's a girl in my belly now, he is excited too! I am glad he's excited! Husband/Daddy's reaction was nothing short of dramatic. He's excited but also thinking way too far in advance. His response was: "What if she get's pregnant at 16!?" My response: "Dude, she not even born yet, lets worry about diapers first." But, we will be having a girl and she's going to have him wrapped around her little finger. Daddy's Little Girl. Let's hope she's luckier than I and gets to spend a lot more of her life with her father than I did. My Dad passed away when I was 14 and I was a Daddy's girl myself.

On Another note Little Man is making me super duper happy himself. I have been trying to get him potty trained for a year now and he just wasn't receptive to the idea. He had absolutely NO interest in using the potty and sadly even bribing him with treats wasn't working. In fact, there was one day back when when he decided that he would at least try to go potty and after that day, things went back down hill because he never once actually did his business in the potty. Well, Ladies and gentlemen Little man has decided that he is ready. He has done really well in the past 3 days telling me when he has to pee pee. He has yet to poop in the potty yet but I am just happy that he has been going pee so often that he has only really wet a diaper a few times in the last three days, and then he tells me he had an accident. It all started with Little Man in the Bathtub. I told him he wasn't allowed to go Pee Pee in the tub or his bath was over, happened once before he realized I was serious and decided that while in the tub he would tell me if he had to piddle. Once having peed for the first time in the potty and realizing the sensation he put all the pieces of the puzzle together (and got a big treat) and now he's doing it frequently. All that work and had I have just waited until now I would have been far less stressed because he's pretty much doing it himself. I guess he wasn't ready before. Lesson of the day for me? There was no need to push him, he told me he was ready." Clear as day!

Well, I am off... Let's hope he can poop in the potty soon, I am REALLY sick of diapers and have a whole new batch coming in October... Sheesh!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's For Dinner Wednesday!

Welcome back to What's for Dinner Wednesday! I will be your lazy pregnant Host Ninja Mommers. Today is going to be a full day.. We are going to the Zoo. Yep, I will take pictures as I am sure there will be a lot to blog about with an all day adventure such as this. And I also have some amazing news in the potty department... but that will have to be saved for later as I am running out the door balancing a carseat, a phone and apparently a computer trying to blog...

Tonight dinner is going to be as easy as possible.

Ninja's Smokey Burger

Stuff to use:
  • 1 cup egg, beaten
  • 2 tablespoons grated onion
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce... (Who REALLY knows how to say that properly!)
  • 1 clove garlic, Minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • Cheddar Cheese, Shredded
  • 1 pound lean ground beef
  • Hamburger buns
Glaze For Yer Burger!
  • 2/3 cup Ketchup
  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cider vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons hot sauce


  1. Whisk the egg with the onion, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. Crumble in the beef. Mix gently. Chill the mixture for 15 minutes; then divide into 4 equal-sized patties. Preheat the grill to medium-high and grease the grate. Set the patties on the preheated grill and cook, covered, for 6 minutes.
  2. Flip the burgers and reduce the heat to medium. Mix glaze ingredients. Brush burgers with some of the glaze. Grill, turning and brushing with glaze, for 6 to 8 minutes or until an instant-read thermometer registers 180 degrees F (90 degrees C) when inserted into the side of the patties. Brush with any remaining glaze and top with cheese before removing from the grill. Serve on buns with whatever you usually use as garnishes.