Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Day Of Potty Madness comes to an end with some Trashy T.V!

NM-Hey Little Man, Are you trying to poop right now?
LM-*Bright red and grunting* -Nope
NM-Yes you are, lets go use the potty.
*Grabs him anyways and sticks him on potty*
NM-Are you going to go poop?
NM-Can you use the potty like a big boy?
LM-Nope! Nope! Nope! Potty Nope!

As you can see this is yet another one of my battles that I have to face. The idea of going potty no matter what the reward... chocolate, Diego likes to potty, Lightning McQueen goes potty.... doesn't seem to be worth the actual sitting on the potty and doing his business.He would rather pinch his little butt cheeks so tight that he never actually goes poop... at all, than to sit on the potty and just go! Ok, Ok so he might not be entirely ready, but at least he took a step in the right direction and has decided that he is actually alright with just sitting on the potty and at least trying.

What a day it has been. The Husband/Daddy only works a half day tomorrow so that's always promising. Now instead of taking care of one little man all day I have 1/2 a day with only one and the rest of the day with little man and an over grown child that I can't seem to train either.

Really, how hard is it for Husband/Daddy to clean up a little after himself.!? Yeah he works hard all day long. But really? Is it such a long walk to the sink to drop off your cup as opposed to leaving it on the table for me to pick up in the morning amongst the three million OTHER things I need to do? Sometimes it seems like all he does is make my job as a parent and stay at home Mom, unnecessarily more difficult. What I mean by that is... the laundry hamper is right there, why does he feel the need to just throw his clothes on the floor beside it? The towel rack is still in the bathroom, when you are done with a towel hang it back up on the rack, don't just throw it on the floor. Do I go to his job site and take a sledge hammer to all the progress he's made at work during the day? No! So why is it ok for him to come home after I have spent all day cleaning and tidying up and do just that to me? I think tomorrow morning I am going to go packing my sledge, show up at his job site, ask him what he has done so far in day and then TOTALLY mess that business up... I personally would get a kick out of it.... Don't think he would find it that funny.

Well, I am off to prepare myself to watch some trashy Tv.... by that I mean grab a drink and some munchies and get myself comfortable enough to watch some weird pyscho people making actual money doing something that I could easily do.. just not look as hot while doing it.

K bye

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