Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dinner Time.... The Ultimate Spartan Battle!

When dinner time comes lately... I feel like I am watching 300. Little man would be Gerard butler and I would be the dirt on his shoe. Ok. Let's rephrase that, I am the Spartan master. He is my minion. But he TRIES really hard to be Gerard butler...

We all finish dinner and he sits there. We all leave the table and he sits there. He Stares at us and WE just sit there in the living room. He talks to me and my response is and always will be "eat" word, no eye contact. He sighs. He sits there. I glance over and he's got a defiant look on his face.... He's totally part of his daddy's family.....Stubborn and bull headed. But I am part of MY daddy's family..... More stubborn and more bull headed. You just can't win Gerard...and I am NOT sorry. He sits there....20 minuets pass... He realizes I am not going to back down and he picks up his fork, slowly raises it to his lips and takes a bite. He doesn't realize I AM watching him (because of course I am a ninja.) but I am Victorious! It may have taken 20 minuets but I STILL won! A few more minuets and I hear "Mommy... I done" I go over... he's done. I say "Next time you will eat while everyone else eats... Got It?" Little man replies with a "Got it" and the battle.. I mean dinner is done. He will learn one day.... Consistency.

Victory is and always will be... Mine.....

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