Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea.. HEY it's moving day!!,

So I am up. It's 6:22 and I have been up for almost an hour! I can't get back to sleep I feel sick. I hate the anticipation and stress involved with moving and I have done enough moving lately. 3 moves in 4 months is a little much for me to handle. 

Yesterday was stressful in itself. We started on our journeys at 11am and finally got back here to go to bed at 11:30pm. Long day. Lots of driving and some drama along the way. 

Now this morning I sit here awake. I know I am a mother for sure as for one the first thing I thought about upon opening my eyes was "is little man ok. I hope he's still sleeping for papa and jay jay. Worst part is I know he's safe but I miss him so much. How am I goin to start my day without his kisses? Yeah I know, I complain when he makes me get up this early and then when he's not here I wake up this early anyways and feel a little lost. But don't you go telling him that. 

Moving is to commence at 10 this morning. 3.5 hours until the fun begins. Why the heck cant I sleep!? I hope this is the last time we move for a very Long time.

What the heck!? Did the dog just puke!? That doesn't help my yucky tummy! Argh!

Ninjafied terrified high-strung Mommers!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Super Ninja List Killer, Shower Curtains, Smelly socks and Shower Curtains

Well today is going to be insanely busy. I am not sure how I am going to cope. There is far too much to do!

We are supposed to have a meeting with the rental agent this morning at 11. And then we are leaving straight to go see Papa and Drop Little Man off. Then we will continue traveling all over the Province to pick up trucks, couches, tables and chairs etc. I wouldn't be surprised if we aren't home until midnight tonight!

On Another note, I just felt I should let you all know I managed to tackle 50% of the list and the other 50% will be finito today! That's right list.. I showed you who's boss, you may wear a cape but I am a Ninja.. I win by default.

This morning was an interesting one, which is a precursor for how I assume the day will continue on. I woke up this morning about the time that Husband/Daddy was getting ready to leave for work. I was still exhausted, which is funny because I have been going to be every night this week around 9Pm. So I sat up in bed and stared out the window and watched the car pull away and down the street as he went to work. 2 seconds later, right on schedule Little man opens his bedroom door. "Mommy WAKE UP PLEASE!" I hear. "Little man I am already awake" I reply back. He starts giggling like a crazy man and jumping up and down. I Head into his room to give him some of his toys, he had to play in there this morning while I got ready for the day for once. He was a good little boy, Reya (Our doggy) went in and played with him too. I leave the room to go get a towel and start the shower and for no reason.. other than I must have been due for a date again, I fell flat on my face and got very up close and personal with the floor, a hairbrush and a few socks (Smelly socks), Husband/Daddy's socks.. which he STILL refuses to throw in the laundry basket! Might I add the Laundry Basket is literally RIGHT BESIDE WHERE THE SOCKS were sitting. I sat up, kinda giggling to myself. How the heck can I be so accident prone!? Even when I am careful I tend to hurt myself. Goodness! As I am sitting there I realize that not only did I fall on a hairbrush, the floor and some stinky socks, I somehow also managed to pull the towel down with me off the back of the door and was now sitting tangled in the dang thing. Little man, of course.. is sitting there staring at me and laughing his butt off! SOME HELP HERE!? Man is he ever just like his Father.

After my date with the floor I really needed a shower, I felt like I smelled just like Husband/Daddy's dirty work socks, and trust me, that is not pleasant or even tolerable. So I carefully made my way to the bathroom and gingerly entered the shower being careful not to trip and hit my head on the sink or accidentally give myself a swirly, because that will be the next thing, I will somehow end up with my head in the toilet and Little Man will think it's hilarious to flush it as opposed to help me. Well, you guessed it, I got in the shower and turned the water on. (I am not sure why I waited until I was in the shower to turn the water on because I NEVER do that, I usually turn it on first get it to the right temperature and then get in.) As I turned the shower on a blast of cold water came out, freezing cold water! I jumped, started to slip, grabbed the shower curtain, and somehow managed to pull it down and land on my butt. Thankfully the shower curtain somewhat broke my fall and there are no injuries or even bruises to speak of.. Not sure I can say the same thing for the shower curtain, whom I had to put back up in order to attempt a shower at all. It's looking pretty tattered.

I was able to complete the remainder of my shower accident free, and I even got dressed without a hitch! Things were looking up! So I proceeded to the Bathroom to put my makeup on, where Little Man Provided me with his "Funny Quote Friday"... We finished up there and went and made breakfast, I somehow made it down the stairs without killing myself and here I sit... waiting to move, waiting to get all this stuff over with.. and time drags on! I would try get everything organized but I am afraid to do anything today. I think the only thing I can do is wrap myself in a giant mattress so I am protected from myself.

Write more after the move... If I didn't manage to Maim myself permanently in the move somehow... with all the boxes etc. I wouldn't put it past me..

Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!

Welcome back to "Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!" Today is going to be a busy day, so I didn't think I would have time to put this up today or even mull over what it was that I could put up today... but this morning like Magic Little Man decided to just GIVE me something.

I was standing in the bathroom putting on make-up as I am supposed to have a meeting with the rental agent this morning... and little man stood there looked up at me smiled and said:

"Mommy, I paint my face on too?! Pweez!?"

Lovely! Thanks Little Man, are you saying without Makeup I have no face!? Jeez a Loo!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Babysitting, Rescheduling, Drums and Forts

Well today has decided to throw me for a loop! Last night I was in bed, fast asleep when Husband/Daddy asked me if I would babysit for Our Friends Uncle B and Aunt A. Aunt A had to go down to the city to pick up their lottery winnings. Yes, they have won the lottery.. on a scratch ticket would you believe?! Husband/Daddy shook me last night and I rolled over and glared at him, wiping the drool off my chin.. I don't like to be woken up, not even for a second so I can't say I was pleased (although I DID go to bed at 9pm.. yes, 9pm) "WHAT?!" I believed I growled those words, I am not proud of it but I am like a bear when I sleep and if you are waking me up you best have some food to calm me down. Husband/Daddy quickly changed his tune as he could tell he was close to being hurt "Uncle B just text me and wants to know if you would be ok with going over there tomorrow with Little Man to watch baby A while Uncle B works and Aunt A goes to the city." It sounded to me like he was speaking Chinese, I wasn't even fully awake, but I was excited to get my first chance to take care of Baby A for a day! So I agreed, I would have to head over there early the next morning so I rolled back over and fell back to sleep.

This morning I woke up around 6:30 just as Husband/Daddy was getting ready for work. I text Aunt A to confirm my arrival time of 8:30am and set out to have a shower and get myself and Little man organized for an early morning trip to go see Baby A. Little man woke up seconds after I refilled my water glass and took my morning piddle. So, I gave him his cars and let him play while I got us both organized. I was in a chipper mood and quite excited to spend the day with little man and Baby A. I got us all organized and packed up, dressed Little man and headed out the door. 2 seconds after stepping off the front porch (accident free might I add) Uncle B called me and informed me that my services were no longer required as he had just woken up for work to discover that he was sick... Pout! So I headed back in the house and got everything unpacked and decided to make another plan for the day.

I set out to the kitchen to make some Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal and little man and I had a nice quiet breakfast together. After breakfast we set out to put the music on, grab some pots, pans, plastic containers and some wooden spoons and started our own percussion section. We had a blast until little man let the wooden spoon accidentally slip out of his hand and it went flying right into my face... (There goes my accident free day) So I decided that we were finished with that and decided to build a fort made of pillows and blankets and all that jazz. Right now the living room is a terrible mess, there is a fort built, cars all over the place, nowhere to sit, but there is a VERY happy little man playing amongst the mess... somewhere I hope..

Moving is creeping up on us. Tomorrow we do all the grunt work in regards to getting the truck and meeting with the landlord to sign the lease and get the keys...obtaining some new furniture and taking Little man to his Papa`s house for the weekend. Today couldn`t go fast enough.

I will try to come back for "Little Man's Funny Quote Friday's" Tomorrow but I can't guarantee anything as we will be doing a lot of running around.

One of the first things I will be setting up when we get to the new place will be my computer.. I can't live without this thing and I am POSITIVE I have a lot to write.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Packing, Call Screening and Super Lists!

Well Little man has decided to totally disregard the "Don't Wake up before the sun" Memo and has decided that 6am is his new awake time. Fine, I can deal with that. I can if I have to. I don't want to but I will.

Last night I fell asleep pretty early, which is going to start being a daily occurrence if little man continues to insist upon waking up at a million o'clock in the morning. Goodness I miss the days when 8am was my wake up time.

Have you ever tried to pack with a 2 year old? I have, several times since November in fact! It's really not that easy, although I know who I need around when it comes time to Un-pack! I seriously get one thing in a box and two seconds later its out of the box again and Little man is running all around the house with whatever it is. Funny, because most of the stuff I have packed as been toys he has neglected to have any interest in for Months but as soon as he sees they are going to be boxed and taped away he all of a sudden has a new fangled interest in these things. So the running around with things results in Mommy chasing after him, and if you have all read this before.. then you will understand what happens when I run, walk or most of the time even stand still. I am accident prone.

This Morning has been busy. We are all excited about moving, and Friday Little Man will be going to Papa's house so that we can complete this move a little easier. That should be good. We will see, I just hope he doesn't wake up that early at Papa's this weekend because there will be some minds lost at that time in the morning... I will be screening my calls and hiding from them, just because he doesn't sleep in does not mean you can return him early.. you said Sunday Originally so that is what we will be going with.

I can't believe the enormity of the list of stuff that I have to do to get organized for this weekend. It just sits there and stares at me, I glare back at the list with vigor.. Damn list.. I WILL get you finished. However, this is the same list that made my pen explode all over the place last week, the same list that has been through the washing machine and still survived and the same list that seems to get longer and longer even though it SHOULD be getting shorter. It certainly is trying to intimidate me. Damn Super List. I swear it has a cape.

Well, I am off to do some more packing, and repacking while Little man unpacks... ugh!

What's For Dinner Wednesdays!

Welcome Back To "What's For Dinner Wednesdays!" We are the midst of moving so everything is kind of hectic. Not to mention I forgot that it was Wednesday because "family day" this week threw me off. So here is what's for dinner this Wednesday, its quick, its easy and it fills my family's tummy.

Chicken Cacciatore in My Slow Cooker...

Stuff to Use:
1 large onion, thinly sliced
2-3 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into chunks
2 (6oz) cans of tomato paste
1 (4oz) can of sliced mushrooms, drained
1/4 cup of dry white wine (I use unsweetened white grape juice and a squeeze of Lemon Juice instead as I don't like cooking with alcohol.)
2 garlic cloves, I like to use the small side of a grater and grate them in.
1 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
2 teaspoons of dried oregano
1/4 teaspoon of dried basil
1/2 teaspoon of celery seed
1 bay leaf

Place onions in the bottom of your crock pot. Add cut chicken on top.

Combine remaining ingredients and pour over chicken. Cook on LOW for 8 hours or HIGH for 4 hours.

Serve over spaghetti.

Now how easy is that? Seriously! Your taste buds will thank you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving Day, Sleep Deprivation and Play Dates

Well moving day is fast approaching. I think I have had enough packing and repacking and unpacking and repacking and packing... for my entire life. But now all the boxes that were hiding away in the basement that hadn't been unpacked since we got here... have been gone through and organized and labeled and are up to Ninja Mommers standards in regards to organization.

We had a funeral to go to for Husband/Daddy's grandfather this weekend, so Tia and Tio hung out with Little Man while we braved the wonderful weather. Gotta love Canada in the winter.. no we don't live in Igloos, but it was pretty close to that this weekend. Driving for what is supposed to be a 40 minuet drive to a funeral turned out to be a highway closed, a two hour trek on the back roads with our four ways on while Husband/Daddy Screamed and swore at the bad drivers on the road. Funny because the entire time I was texting my Step Mother-In-Law, and Husband/Daddy's Father was doing the same thing for the entire drive. Like Father like son! We finally made it to the Funeral home just in time for Husband/Daddy to stop yelling and swearing. Thank goodness I think my ears were about to bleed.

After the day was up we went back to Tia/Tio's to go pick up Little Man and just decided to stay there for a visit for the entire night. So we put little man to bed and continued to hang out. It was a nice visit until Husband/Daddy decided that farting on me was a good idea.. Yep, He farted... ON me. You see, this is the kind of relationship we have. He bugs the crap out of me, and I pretend I am shocked.. it makes him happy to feel like he can still do something to shock and appall me. In reality I am not shocked anymore in any way shape or form as I have come to expect anything and everything from this man at this point.. But I DO love to see him smile... even if it means being covered in Pooh Particles.

We fell asleep that night, cozy and comfortable and warm. (That could have been from his gas) The next morning Little man let himself out of bed and tip toed into the living room where we were quietly sleeping, and said the usual "Mommy, I waked up." I rolled over and looked at Little man. It was 4:45. Yes, 4:45 AM. Not acceptable, at that point I haven't even had time to have my morning pee.. let alone wipe the drool off my chin. He REALLY didn't get the "Mommy doesn't wake up before 7:00 AM memo, that morning." Needless to say, he was WIDE awake.. Not sure why but he was, and going back to sleep was not in the cards for anyone... it HAD to have been a trick deck.

For the remainder of the day we went to go visit friends. They have a daughter that's the same age as Little man. And they ran and played for hours. Husband/Daddy hung out with Uncle D. while the kids played.. aww the way things changed, these men have traded the Beers for Sippy Cups and the Huge Parties for Playdates... Hey, at least they grew together. Little man was so exhausted last night that he just went to sleep and didn't move for the rest of the night, not even to grab a book.

Tomorrow will be interesting, only 4 days until we move, and there is still a lot to do...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mothers, Makeup and Old Ladies in The mirror!

Have you ever asked yourself: "What did I do wrong!?" Have you ever looked in the mirror to notice you have a cheerio imprinted on your forehead and your hair is matted down with a clump of peanut butter? Have you ever lifted your arms to get something off the top shelf and out of the corner of your eye see what looks like a birds nest only to look even closer and realize that's no birds nest that's your arm pit hair and it's long enough to house an entire flock of seagulls? That's the moment you vow to shave for fear your husband will mistake you for a gorilla and call the zoo to pick you up.... Either that or you actually welcome the thought of living in a zoo.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are probably a Mom. If you are a Mom and can't relate then please, tell me where you find the time to plaster make up on your face every single day and shave your pits. And do you wear a raincoat to the dinner table to avoid the inevitable splash back of food?

I found myself looking in the mirror last night, I shook my head at what I saw and some old messy looking lady in front of me shook her head too... Oh WAIT THAT IS ME!? Good Lord. I nearly fell over. Guess it's time to start wearing make up to bed so I can wake up with it on. Either that, or stop looking in the mirror.

Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!

Well, Once again there have been a full week of funny things little man has said to me.. and I had to pick just one. There were a few men on top of a roof on one of the houses behind us here. Little man was standing at the back door and yelling:


I just laughed as he lectured grown men.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glorious Sleep, Single Digits and Panic

Good Morning Sunshines! I am pretty chipper this morning! This could have something to do with the fact that I didn't see a 6 on my clock this morning when Little Man woke up... in fact there was a 7 a 5 and a 7. He slept in this morning until 7:57! Glorious, Glorious Sleep!

I also realized this morning when I woke up that there are 9 days until we move! Count 'em... 9! Now, this created a mix of emotions. The 2 most prevalent of these emotions would have to be: Excitement and Panic... Let me explain.

Excitement because I can't wait to let Housemate Lady and Housemate Man have their house back to themselves! They have been so helpful and I am sure they will be happy to have their own space back, as I know Jay, Little man and I will be too. Excitement because this place is amazing, I have never dreamed of living in such a beautiful place and I can't wait to cook there in that amazing new kitchen!

Panic? Oh the Wondeful Panic! Because as usual, Husband/Daddy keeps saying he will get boxes, Husband/Daddy tells me not worry about it because it will get done. Panic because he has said that the last several times we move and then the day comes and no matter how much worrying I have done.. He hasn't done any, and then we end up frantically packing. Me doing anything frantically is a BAD idea, because if I am in a rush I usually end up flat on my face.

So, we are going to have to start getting things in boxes and fast because we really only have a few more days left to get the stuff organized.

Well, I suppose I should go and get some stuff organized around here!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Early Mornings, Shower Books, and Concerned Little Men

Well its Wednesday so make sure to check out my "What's for Dinner Wednesday!"

I woke up this morning around 6:15 just as Housemate Man and Housemate Lady were leaving for work. A few minuets later Husband/Daddy's alarm went off and it was time for him to go as well. He left, and I tried to fall back asleep. I turned on my side, I rolled onto my back, I flopped onto my tummy, short of standing on my head....I tried everything and just couldn't get back to sleep. Feeling defeated, I got out of bed and got dressed, Little man was not awake yet and I wasn't about to wake him up.. (He's almost as crusty as his father when he is woken up) so I threw some clothes on, grabbed my book and snuggled back on top of my bed to read. It was quite relaxing and this time I didn't have to lock myself in the bathroom to get a few pages in.. That's right ladies and gentlemen, No "Shower Book" for me this morning, I got to actually enjoy reading without having to avoid ANYONE!

Around 7:30 I heard little man stirring in his room. I finished reading the page and put the book down, knowing that he would be at his door soon. Sure enough seconds later I heard the pitter patter of little feet and then his door open. "Mommy, I waked up" he said. I Stood up and proceeded to his room, of course managing to trip on the dog and somehow hit my elbow off the wall on the way... are your surprised? I AM! I didn't fall down! Now THAT'S Progress!

I got him all ready to go downstairs and started the long trip down to the kitchen. Little man of course now feels it necessary to narrate the entire event: "Hold On Tight Mommy" "Don't fall Down" "Careful Mommy". Hey, Kid.. I am glad you are concerned for my safety and everything but stop rubbing in the fact that I am a klutz! Once we got downstairs I fed him his breakfast and cleaned up a little.

Currently he is sitting beside me calling my Grandmother on what he likes to call "HIS Phone". He actually sits here and talks on it, and would if I let him all day. He constantly asks me if he can call Daddy and yesterday while I was on the phone with a man trying to book a truck for the move, little man climbed right on top of me, and said "Hey Big guy" right into the phone....

We will have to see what happens today!

Stay Tuned... I have a feeling today is going to be interesting

What's for Dinner Wednesday!

Welcome to Another Edition of "What's for Dinner Wednesday!" today on the menu will be Chicken Fettuccine. Little man LOVES noodles and Sauce and for some reason really does prefer a creamy sauce as opposed to a tomato sauce so this is a Little man approved recipe.

Chicken Fettuccine

Stuff you Need:
10 oz uncooked fettucine, broken in half
3 cups broccoli florets
2 tbsp of Butter
4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed
1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
1/2 cup Milk
2 Cloves of Garlic, grated
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
A Pinch of ground black pepper

The Stuff Ya Need To Do To Cook It:
-Cook fettuccine according to package directions, leave out the salt. Add the Broccoli for the last 4 mins of cooking time. Drain and set aside.
-Heat butter in large skillet over medium-high heat. Once heated add garlic.
-Cook chicken until well browned, stirring often.
-Add soup, milk, cheese, pepper and fettuccine mixture and heat. Make sure to stir often.

I usually serve this with Homemade Garlic Bread:

What ya Need to cook it:
1 loaf of french crusty bread cut open
6 tbsps of melted margarine/butter
4 cloves of garlic grated/pressed
2 cups of Grated Cheddar Cheese

Melt Margarine in microwave or on stove top. Pour into a bowl and mix in garlic. Refrigerate until solid. Pre-heat oven to 400. Remove from refrigerator, mix well, using a butter knife spread evenly onto French Bread halves and put in pre-heated oven for 10 mins. Remove from oven, sprinkle with cheese and put back into oven on broil for approx 1 minute.

I also serve it with a Cesar Salad.

Hope you enjoyed today's "What's for Dinner Wednesday!" Check back next week!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bees, Boogers and Valentines

Have I been a busy bee or what!? BUZZ! I have spent the majority of my time online looking at furniture, trying to book moving trucks, and packing is going to have to start today. I dislike moving. There is always so much to do! And if I don't have a hard enough time walking in the first place, try putting a box of fragile things in my hands.. they won't survive. Not to mention with the maze of boxes and furniture I will be lucky to make it out alive.

My Birthday Weekend proved to be productive. We have found all kinds of furniture.. cheap. We visited with friends, little man stayed at Tia and Tio's on Saturday night. He loves it there.

Monday is always interesting, Housemate Lady was home yesterday and of course Little man decided it was a great idea to act like a little booger all day. He had so many time outs I was starting to think that I should just keep him in that chair. *Sigh* Ah, Valentines Day. Little man and I made some Valentines for a few people in the morning. Gotta love the fact that he is convinced that stickers belong on his face instead of the paper... "Mommy I cute" he says... Yes, little man, Yes you are. When Daddy got home little man ran up to him with the Valentine we made him... and gave him a giant hug. It was nice! We spent the evening together and I enjoyed every minuet of it.

Today we are supposed to go pick up a table in Alliston, Gorgeous table that I like to refer to as the "Child Pulverizer" This is because as gorgeous as it is, the top is ceramic... We will keep that out of the way while little man is playing... as he is a clumsy as I am and I really don't want him to have a date with THAT!

I suppose I should go and get some stuff done. If Husband/Daddy ever gets boxes I can start packing them!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthdays, Late Bedtimes, Early to Rise and Accident Prone

Yeah Yeah, so I am 25 today! Happy Birthday to me right!? Little man woke up this morning at 6:30... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Little man had a huge poop diaper... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I tripped over the baby gate on the way to throw the diaper out and somehow managed to bend my toe backwards... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How many days accident free? It is now back to 0... again.

Little man didn't go to bed last night until 9:30, sure he was IN bed at 8 as usual, but he was talking to himself in there for an hour and a half. At least now he knows how I feel when I am talking to myself all the time. Little man and I have had a conversation about this several times before. 6:30am doesn't exist on the clock for me so he shouldn't wake up until at least 7:30. Yet, this morning there he was... door open... soft little voice saying "Hi Mommy. I waked up". Did he NOT get the Memo?

So I get out of bed, and realized really quickly when Little man said "Mommy, dirty face. Ewww" that I had not washed my makeup off before bed last night. So I told him to hold on and traipse into the bathroom where I proceed to wash the makeup off my face, somehow managing to get mascara IN my eye. Great, Now I can't see. So I stumble around fumbling blindly with my hands stretched out in front of me trying to find the towel. When I finally find it hanging on the back of my bedroom door and wipe my face clean I look over to Little man's door and realize he's just standing there in his doorway Wide eyed. "What's wrong" I asked. Wrong question. He replied with a PFFFTT noise and burst out laughing... (you know that sound that you make when you are trying not to laugh... I DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT SO GET OUT OF IT). I assume that he must have been laughing at my stumbling around blindly so I proceed into his room to change his bum and get him dressed for breakfast, as I sit down on the floor little Mans laughing has now become gasping for air, and giggling wildly... He walks up to me and pulls a piece of wet toilet paper that was stuck to my forehead off and sticks it to his forehead.. still laughing wildly. Ok little man you are a comedian I get it.. I couldn't see ok!? I had run out of Make up remover pads so I had to use toilet paper... Guess now I know the real reason for his laughing. Look, I am NOT a morning person. He thinks it's the funniest thing he has ever seen or done in his life. I take the toilet paper off his head, because now his contagious laugh has caused me to burst out into laughter myself... and put it in the garbage. I go back into his room to get him dressed and change his poop bum. While taking the diaper out of his room to the trash I manage to trip over the baby gate, get my little toe caught and bend it back, trip over my other foot and have yet another date with the floor. I get up and there's Little man again, standing in his doorway... Laughing his little butt off.

Let's hope the remainder of the day will be accident free, I would like to make it to 26.

Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!

Today's Funny Quote Friday was hard to decide on. Little man being 2 1/2 and all he seems to say some pretty interesting things most days. But I decided upon one... Enjoy!

This was said while sitting at the dinner table last night, Husband/Daddy passed gas and Little Man looked at me and said:

"Mommy? Daddy Bubbles, Ewwww Gross Stinky Bubbles! I bubble too!?"

I wasn't sure what to do with that.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Annoying Neighbour

Dear Jerk Down the Street,

My little man has finally gone for his first nap in many days. He has closed his little eyes and is up there snoozing away. What I don't understand is why, every single day, nearly all day, I have to listen to your dog bark on and on and on because you are so neglectful that you leave him outside for extended periods of time. If your dog is barking, BRING IT IN... If you let him out because he's barking inside and you don't want to listen to it, please bare in mind that I DONT WANT TO LISTEN TO IT EITHER.

If your dog wakes up my sleeping little man, I won't hesitate to walk over to your house with my grumpy screaming sleep deprived child and stand at your front door and let him go on and on... because it's just about as annoying as having to listen to your dog.. and having to listen to them both at once is even worse.

I would greatly appreciate it if you shut your dog up.. I don't care how.. Just do it.

The grumpy Ninja Down The Road

Naptime, Moving, Spring Please and Aging.

Little man has seemingly forgotten what the word nap means and what he is supposed to do when I put him for his nap. From my understanding he is under the impression that when Mommy says "Nap time" that means, stay in bed for less than 30 seconds, open the door a million times, scream, dance, laugh, play and last but not least request juice... no little man.. Just NO! Nap means the complete opposite of that. Nap means that mommy gets to sit down and eat a snack in peace without a little mini gypsy stealing half of my food, it means that you close your eyes and stay in your bed, it means that mommy has 1 hour in which there is COMPLETE silence, and it means that I have the time to get my sanity back... Do NOT take that away from me, PLEASE... Yep, This Ninja begs.

I am glad its Thursday, my excitement in regards to moving is building and bubbling over the top. I can't wait! There are still 16 days.. and I know you are going to say... "But Ninja Mommers, 16 days is not that long!" and my reply to that is: "YES IT IS,ITS TOO LONG!" Thats still 2 Weeks and 2 days from now! THAT is a LONG time.

I woke up this morning wondering what the day will bring.. Its nice and sunny outside but cold as heck, I just want the snow to melt, the birds to sing and the weather to get warmer. I want SPRING! I want to be able to take little man to the park and let him run off his energy, I want to be able to walk places and go do activities together and not get frostbite on every appendage of my body. I was not made for winter weather, I was made for the warmth...

Well I am off, duty calls. Little man just asked to snuggle and I NEVER NEVER say no to snuggles from him, because the day will soon come when Mommy is gross and old and SO uncool.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gypsies, Cigarettes and No More Dates With The Floor

Well, Its Wednesday! I already wrote my "What's For Dinner Wednesday" so you can check that out. I know you have been waiting with baited breath for what kind of lazy meal I was planning for this week. Well.. You're Welcome.

Well, We got the new place we were looking at! Got a phone call on Monday and was told that we were approved! Booo Yaka Shaaaa! So we are moving in February 26th. Guess it's time to start taking inventory of our possessions. We finally have use of a Garage for the car too! I am so excited this place is awesome! I am not looking forward to the actual act of moving though. There is nothing worse to me than lugging boxes of stuff up and down stairs and PACKING and UNPACKING! We have moved enough times in the last few months that I am beginning to feel like a gypsy.... Minus the stealing and stuff... of course.

Little man has decided that he doesn't listen AT ALL. Gotta love that. Especially whilst trying to quit smoking... stress is not welcome. In fact I am beginning to think that if I am going to quit smoking I need to lock myself in a dark room with no windows for a few weeks so that I can go insane alone... until the initial "I would chew off my arm and shove it up my own arse for a cigarette right now feeling". Never been a smoker? Then you will NEVER understand.

So here I sit, willing to sacrifice my arm for a smoke, knowing however that I really don't want to screw up. Not giving in is hard. But all I can do is try.

Little man being incredibly cute helps a lot.. Him and Reya are snuggling on the couch under my favorite blankie.

No, he's not sleeping He's just really happy snuggling with his Doggy.

My little man has turned out to be quite the klutz like his Mommy, He had ANOTHER date with the Ottoman today.. thank goodness it didn't get him in the eye again. This time it was on his chin, so there seems to be no problems arising from that. I really wish he hadn't inherited my coordination.

I would tell you how many days I have remained accident and "date" free, But I am afraid that I will jinx myself and I refuse to do anything furthur to aggravate the fates. I don't want to fall today.. or go on any dates.

Stay Golden Pony Boy

What's For Dinner Wednesdays!

Well I am back yet again for another "What's For Dinner Wednesday!" This will be a very boring one because I literally got frostbite this morning standing in front of the Freezer trying to figure out what we were going to have for the dreaded "Wednesday Dinner". This is what has been decided upon:

"Cheesy Tex Mex Chicken"
1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup
1 full can of 2% milk
3/4 uncooked regular long-grain white rice
1 1/2 tsp chili powder
1 1/2 cups mixture of red and green pepper strips, chopped onion
4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves
1/2 cup shredded Cheddar and Monteray Jack Mixture (YES, I DO put cheese on and in EVERYTHING)

Do this or the Chicken won't cook, and then you will get salmonella and be very ill and I am NOT going to work for you:
~Mix soup, milk, rice and chili powder in a shallow baking dish. Spread it evenly with vegetables.
~Top with chicken. Sprinkle chicken with cheese and additional chili powder, if desired. Cover it please :D See? I have manners.
~Bake at 400°F until chicken is cooked through and rice is tender - about 45 minutes. Remove cover and broil until cheese is golden and bubbly - about 3 minutes. Remove chicken and stir the rice before serving. YUM!

I am again serving this one with "texas toast" and a store bought tex-mex salad.

Well everyone, That was "What's for Dinner Wednesday!" Stay tuned for more to come today!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bedtime Abuse, Name Changes And Poop Bums

Picture this:

It's night time. You're fast asleep, warm and cozy in your bed and suddenly you are awakened by a serious lack of oxygen! You come completely to and realize that your wonderful sleeping husband who is snoring away next to you and sounding like a weed whacker has his entire hand positioned directly on top of your face. Now you are a little pissed, you remove his hand from a top your face and push it away, making sure to kick him a little and tell him to roll over so that it won't happen again. You drift back to sleep, having THE best dream about Mark Wahlberg when all of a sudden Markie Mark belts you across the head and starts pushing you... you wake up and realize that's not Markie Mark that's your wonderful Husband again, except this time he's elbowing you in the head and slowly moving you off of the bed.... That explains EVERYTHING, you KNOW Markie Mark would NEVER treat this way... So Now you are very angry. You roll over, move his arm from near your head and punch him in the arm... he FINALLY wakes up... You explain to him that you are sorry but he has been abusing you in his sleep, He of course doesn't remember any of this because HE was fast asleep! Finally you drift back to sleep and 3 seconds later you hear another little voice coming from the other bedroom: "Mommy... I poop bum" That's when I made 3 major life decisions:

1. I am getting my own bed
2. My name is no longer Mommy, I have changed it to Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
3. This Poop bum is Daddy's... He's had his sleep.

Friday, February 4, 2011

You Can't Evade A Ninja... Even On Fridays

Well it's Friday. I have absolutely NO idea what we are going to be doing this weekend!

Housemate Man is making his homemade Pizza again. Yummy! It's seriously so good that I could take two of those entire pizzas, sandwich them together and eat the whole thing like that until I made myself throw up!

What I am wondering today is about technology. How is it that my 2 1/2 year old can operate my iPhone better than I can? I was in the kitchen today, clearly making myself a snack (because I AM after all a chunky butt) and all of a sudden I hear Little Mans voice.. "Hello?" and oddly enough I hear a reply back "Well Hello Little Man" I almost choked on a mouth full of crackers... Yes, I am eating carbs... I love carbs.... Anyways, turns out little man had answered the phone, the ringer was off but my Little man still managed to not only answer the phone but also get it on speaker phone...The other voice on the phone was Husband/Daddy and I must admit he was rather surprised that Little Man had answered the phone too. After I dusted the cracker crumbs I had sprayed all over my shirt, I decided that I should go and talk to Husband/Daddy. He will be home early today like every Friday, he's done at 1pm, which is rather nice. After I hung up the phone, I decided it was a good time to go outside and get some fresh air.

I got bundled up and went out the back doors.... I turned around for 2 seconds and Little man had run up to the door.. I heard... "Click". My heart dropped.. He had locked me out... again... Yes Ladies and Gentlemen he HAS locked me out before... and when you tell him to "Unlock this door this INSTANT" He looks at you KNOWING full well that you can't get back in, smiles, says "NO" and goes and sits at the other end of the living room, laughing.. evilly. Last time I was outside for 45 Minuets before he decided to unlock the door... He got a Time out. Thankfully this time, I had Pulled the little peg that would allow both doors to open, before I went out there.. so while he's sitting there with a cheeky look on his face thinking I can't get back in... I am smiling inside... because I KNOW I can and will get back in and when I do.. not only will he Be Surprised, he will be in Time-Out. So as Little Man is standing there refusing to unlock the door and laughing I nonchalantly push the door open. His facial expression changes from his evil "what are you going to do about it from out there smile" to an expression only a Mother whose been locked outside by her own child before can appreciate... Complete and utter Surprise, Dismay and then defeat when he realizes he can no longer evade the inevitable time out.

How many times do I have to tell ya kid? I'm a Ninja!

Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!

Every Friday I Will Quote Something(s)I find amusing that Little Man has said each week and post it for your enjoyment... because he really is a comedian.

Today's Funny Quote Friday Is:

"Mommy!? Daddy Sleepin at work... Honk shoe.. Honk Shoe.."

Don't know where he gets the idea that Daddy sleeps at work.. But I am going to ask his boss as soon as possible... why should he get a nap?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What To Do When You're A Proud Ninja and its to your family's detriment?

I take a lot of pride in my honesty, I take a lot of pride in my straight forward no nonsense approach to life.

But what about when Pride gets in the way? What to do then? What do you do when you need to reach out and ask for financial help in order to obtain something that is essential to your family, yet you feel afraid to ask? You feel like you'd rather fall down the stairs again six times over than ask someone for help?

For me it's very hard to swallow my pride.

Husband/Daddy and I are currently looking for a place to live. We need to try to be out by March 1st, April 1st at the latest as Housemate Lady and Housemate Man are doing major renovations due to their relocation with the Military soon, and they are going to be selling the house.

Husband/Daddy and I have been to a few places and seen what we are up against. We are looking for a Two or More bedroom that is all inclusive as utilities get expensive... At our last apartment we were paying 1,050.00 plus utilities and it was a small 2 bedroom apartment, the utilities cost us about 600-800 dollars every two months, which equals out to approximately 1,400.00-1,500.00 a month depending on the Month. And NO we weren't keeping it so hot in there in the winter that you could fry an egg on the floor.. in fact.. we were wearing sweaters etc and keeping it as cool in there as possible.

We went to look at a townhouse which was 3 bedrooms, the pictures were nice, the actual place? Not so much. There was a large window at the front that clearly let all the air in, the place was very 50's the floor was a mess, the bathroom was disgusting and all the windows were so old that it was freezing in there.. it was 1,000 PLUS utilities, and considering the fact that the windows sucked it wouldn't be cheap in hydro and would probably cost us even more than the apartment due to the size of the place and considering it's electric heat. So, We decided that place was out! Because we need something that we can predict the rent each month, not get a Hydro bill that I will have to pimp myself out to be able to pay.

We went and looked at the top floor of a house yesterday. It was a bit more than the others in regards to the initial amount but its all inclusive so it works out to be less. Finally... all inclusive, accepts pets, has enough room for a young family and it's very beautiful, well maintained and like I said.. ALL INCLUSIVE. Available Immediately. Only problem is that we need to be able to come up with first and lasts months rent asap to get the place because I am SURE it won't last. My family has given us enough for part of last months rent, and now all we need is a bit more to cover first months and the moving expenses.

I know for a fact that we will never find another place for that price with everything included, and that if we don't get this place we will end up paying the same amount each month for a small place in a not so good neighborhood. We need to get this place before anyone else does. It will end up costing us a little less than the 2 bedroom Apartment the size of a box we were living in before, and it's in a good area.

I just hate asking for help. The worst part is that we CAN have enough for first and last months for that place by March 1st, but I feel like we don't have that long anymore..... I think I am going to have to suck up my pride and do what I have to do... Ask for help.

This Ninja is going to do what she has to do. I hope people understand.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's For Dinner Wednesdays!

Welcome to the 2nd What's For Dinner Wednesday!

Well, I predicted it, I am feeling lazy again! Like last week I want to cook something with little ingredients, that takes little time and makes A LOT of food.

So, Here is the recipe:

Funny Texas Pasta

2 pound ground beef
2 cans Condensed Beef Broth
2 2/3 cups water
4 cups uncooked medium shell-shaped pasta (I actually like to use Rotini or fusili)
2 can Condensed Cheddar Cheese Soup
2 cups Thick & Chunky Salsa.. (I use mild because my stomach can't handle it too hot, but you can use whatever you want no one is telling you what to do! 2 cups is also just a guideline but I usually just add the initial two cups and then add more if I want to, Which I usually do.. NOM NOM NOM!)

Ok, Do The following because if you don't it won't be cooked and someone will get sick and then you could have a lawsuit on your hands:

Cook beef in a large skillet over medium-high heat until browned, stirring to separate meat. Pour off fat.
Add broth and water. Heat to a boil. Add pasta. Cook over medium heat 10 minutes or until pasta is done, stirring often.
Add cheddar cheese soup and salsa
Mix well, heat through then serve.

I usually cover it with Grated Cheddar Cheese and Parmesan.. Because I am a cheese monger... Serve it with Garlic Bread Texas Toast and a Pre-Bagged Tex Mex Salad.

This makes enough that we can put it in separate containers so that Husband/Daddy can take to work for lunch for a week.

So Ladies and Gentleman, That Was What's For Dinner Wednesday.. You're welcome!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Sauce, Cheeky Buggers and Being Spoiled ROTTEN

Well its Tuesday..We got home from visiting the family (both Husband/Daddy's and my family) Sunday around 5. It was quite the visit we had...

In fact, Little man was NOT a drunk leprechaun in a car seat on the way down to the city, he was actually asleep the entire time! I KNOW RIGHT!? No, I did NOT drug him, or hit him over the head with a pot of gold... he just slept. We got in around 4pm. We went to Husband/Daddy's "Dad's" House.. so Lets just call them Father in Law/Papa and Mother in law/Jay-Jay.... Because that is where we were staying.

We ordered pizza and just kind vegged. Husband/Daddy asked me to go with him to pick up the pizza and so we left little man with Father in law/Papa and Mother in law/Jay-Jay.... and RAN to the car... muahahahahahahahha. We stopped by this bakery that we both love.. and I used to work at... to see what they had since it had been years since I had been in there. BIG MISTAKE. Not only is it just a fantastic as I remember it, but its even BIGGER now and filled with even MORE crazy stuff I can't resist. Had my first authentic Cannoli there.. MMMmmmm Italian Food AND Pastry... I am drooling right now...

We got back and sat down for dinner... I made the huge mistake of putting hot sauce on my pizza... not sure why... it seemed like a good idea at the time.. (It clearly wasn't). After dinner, it was play time. Apparently my little man is the cheekiest little bugger out there, because he just kept testing things.. "Oh since we are at Papa's house I wonder if I am allowed to dive my cars on the nicely painted walls.." NO little man you can NOT. Geez a Loo... The rules are the same even if we are in Timbuktu... get it right... and just because you are making that face with the squinty eyes and the cheeky little smile, doesn't mean I won't put you for a well deserved Time out... Believe it little man...

After Little man was in bed, Husband/Daddy thought a wooden spoon fight was in order.. seriously.. I just put the most mature person in the house to bed... LOL! Him and Mother in law/Jay Jay spent about 20 minuets whacking each other with wooden spoons! I got caught in the crossfire more than once and was even held hostage by Husband a few times... really nice... I was thankful when one of the spoons was broken and the insanity ended.

The next day we spent at Father in Law/Papa's house and Mother in law/Jay-Jay's house for the morning. Little man woke up and since I had been up since 4am that morning due to complications with the Hot Sauce I thought was such a good idea... See? it wasnt. Husband/Daddy let me sleep in so that I wasn't a beast for the remainder of the day... we made plans to go see some friends and hang out for a bit and then returned to Father in Law/Papa's house to have dinner. Jay Jay thought it would be a good idea to give Little man cheesies right before dinner... Oh thanks Jay Jay, It's already a Spartan Battle without adding cheesies to the mix.... but she never sees him so she can spoil him. She got enough flack from Papa and Husband/Daddy! So once dinner was ready we all sat down at the table. Husband/Daddy and I were fully prepared to go Gerard Butler on little mans ass all over again... yet.. he actually ate.. surprising... Must've been all the activity that starved him.

We gave little man a bath in the worlds largest bath tub.. for him its like a swimming pool.. and then put him to bed. After that we all sat down to watch "Grown Ups" I must say I laughed my arse off.. and Husband/Daddy was pretty excited about Selma Hayek...

Sunday came and we were off to see my family.. Gramma/Great Grandma, Uncle/Great Uncle, Sister/Auntie J, Brother in law/Unkie S, Mommy/Nanny and a few others... We woke up and I got everything organized as much as possible. Headed up and got Little man out of bed, changed his clothes, got him all packed up, brought down the old playpen that we had left at papa's house as well as the baby gate we brought along to keep little man trapped in his room so HE wouldn't have a date with the stairs... Put our luggage and everything at the front door, fed little man breakfast, went downstairs where husband/Daddy was still snoring away and cleaned up our stuff and put it by the front door, and then woke up the beast to clean up the bed and stuff.... Husband/Daddy had the audacity to call me "High Maintenance" When I asked him nicely to just take his cup upstairs while I Loaded the car.... Umm pretty sure I just did EVERYTING there champ... wouldn't that make YOU High Maintenance? Turd. We said Bye to everyone and headed over to visit my abundance of family that coagulated at Grandma/Great Grandma's house like a blod clot... because apparently when we come down little man HAS to be spoiled by everyone at once.

When everyone was there it was quite a nice visit, Little man chased the dog around, and checked out all the stuff that my Grandma/Great Grandma owns.. Everyone was picking at muffins with cream cheese icing on top.. and Little man LOVED them.. he lost interest though when he had eaten all the icing and then of course moved onto my mom/Nanny's muffin that still had the icing on it.. and instead of making him eat what he had Nanny insisted on spoiling him and letting him lick the icing off hers... Sister/Aunt J had the right idea.. once Nanny's was gobbled up he moved on to hers... and she very clearly said "I love you but you have your own... You can't just eat the icing" Thank you Aunt J...

We decided to head home around 3. Got in the car hoping he would have a nap on the way home.. but nope... Thanks Nanny for the extra sugar rush!

That was our weekend. It was quite the adventure. Stay Tuned!