Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Early Mornings, Shower Books, and Concerned Little Men

Well its Wednesday so make sure to check out my "What's for Dinner Wednesday!"

I woke up this morning around 6:15 just as Housemate Man and Housemate Lady were leaving for work. A few minuets later Husband/Daddy's alarm went off and it was time for him to go as well. He left, and I tried to fall back asleep. I turned on my side, I rolled onto my back, I flopped onto my tummy, short of standing on my head....I tried everything and just couldn't get back to sleep. Feeling defeated, I got out of bed and got dressed, Little man was not awake yet and I wasn't about to wake him up.. (He's almost as crusty as his father when he is woken up) so I threw some clothes on, grabbed my book and snuggled back on top of my bed to read. It was quite relaxing and this time I didn't have to lock myself in the bathroom to get a few pages in.. That's right ladies and gentlemen, No "Shower Book" for me this morning, I got to actually enjoy reading without having to avoid ANYONE!

Around 7:30 I heard little man stirring in his room. I finished reading the page and put the book down, knowing that he would be at his door soon. Sure enough seconds later I heard the pitter patter of little feet and then his door open. "Mommy, I waked up" he said. I Stood up and proceeded to his room, of course managing to trip on the dog and somehow hit my elbow off the wall on the way... are your surprised? I AM! I didn't fall down! Now THAT'S Progress!

I got him all ready to go downstairs and started the long trip down to the kitchen. Little man of course now feels it necessary to narrate the entire event: "Hold On Tight Mommy" "Don't fall Down" "Careful Mommy". Hey, Kid.. I am glad you are concerned for my safety and everything but stop rubbing in the fact that I am a klutz! Once we got downstairs I fed him his breakfast and cleaned up a little.

Currently he is sitting beside me calling my Grandmother on what he likes to call "HIS Phone". He actually sits here and talks on it, and would if I let him all day. He constantly asks me if he can call Daddy and yesterday while I was on the phone with a man trying to book a truck for the move, little man climbed right on top of me, and said "Hey Big guy" right into the phone....

We will have to see what happens today!

Stay Tuned... I have a feeling today is going to be interesting

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