Monday, February 21, 2011

Moving Day, Sleep Deprivation and Play Dates

Well moving day is fast approaching. I think I have had enough packing and repacking and unpacking and repacking and packing... for my entire life. But now all the boxes that were hiding away in the basement that hadn't been unpacked since we got here... have been gone through and organized and labeled and are up to Ninja Mommers standards in regards to organization.

We had a funeral to go to for Husband/Daddy's grandfather this weekend, so Tia and Tio hung out with Little Man while we braved the wonderful weather. Gotta love Canada in the winter.. no we don't live in Igloos, but it was pretty close to that this weekend. Driving for what is supposed to be a 40 minuet drive to a funeral turned out to be a highway closed, a two hour trek on the back roads with our four ways on while Husband/Daddy Screamed and swore at the bad drivers on the road. Funny because the entire time I was texting my Step Mother-In-Law, and Husband/Daddy's Father was doing the same thing for the entire drive. Like Father like son! We finally made it to the Funeral home just in time for Husband/Daddy to stop yelling and swearing. Thank goodness I think my ears were about to bleed.

After the day was up we went back to Tia/Tio's to go pick up Little Man and just decided to stay there for a visit for the entire night. So we put little man to bed and continued to hang out. It was a nice visit until Husband/Daddy decided that farting on me was a good idea.. Yep, He farted... ON me. You see, this is the kind of relationship we have. He bugs the crap out of me, and I pretend I am shocked.. it makes him happy to feel like he can still do something to shock and appall me. In reality I am not shocked anymore in any way shape or form as I have come to expect anything and everything from this man at this point.. But I DO love to see him smile... even if it means being covered in Pooh Particles.

We fell asleep that night, cozy and comfortable and warm. (That could have been from his gas) The next morning Little man let himself out of bed and tip toed into the living room where we were quietly sleeping, and said the usual "Mommy, I waked up." I rolled over and looked at Little man. It was 4:45. Yes, 4:45 AM. Not acceptable, at that point I haven't even had time to have my morning pee.. let alone wipe the drool off my chin. He REALLY didn't get the "Mommy doesn't wake up before 7:00 AM memo, that morning." Needless to say, he was WIDE awake.. Not sure why but he was, and going back to sleep was not in the cards for anyone... it HAD to have been a trick deck.

For the remainder of the day we went to go visit friends. They have a daughter that's the same age as Little man. And they ran and played for hours. Husband/Daddy hung out with Uncle D. while the kids played.. aww the way things changed, these men have traded the Beers for Sippy Cups and the Huge Parties for Playdates... Hey, at least they grew together. Little man was so exhausted last night that he just went to sleep and didn't move for the rest of the night, not even to grab a book.

Tomorrow will be interesting, only 4 days until we move, and there is still a lot to do...

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  1. Glad you made it back to Barrie safe at least! Yay to moving day coming soon!