Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gypsies, Cigarettes and No More Dates With The Floor

Well, Its Wednesday! I already wrote my "What's For Dinner Wednesday" so you can check that out. I know you have been waiting with baited breath for what kind of lazy meal I was planning for this week. Well.. You're Welcome.

Well, We got the new place we were looking at! Got a phone call on Monday and was told that we were approved! Booo Yaka Shaaaa! So we are moving in February 26th. Guess it's time to start taking inventory of our possessions. We finally have use of a Garage for the car too! I am so excited this place is awesome! I am not looking forward to the actual act of moving though. There is nothing worse to me than lugging boxes of stuff up and down stairs and PACKING and UNPACKING! We have moved enough times in the last few months that I am beginning to feel like a gypsy.... Minus the stealing and stuff... of course.

Little man has decided that he doesn't listen AT ALL. Gotta love that. Especially whilst trying to quit smoking... stress is not welcome. In fact I am beginning to think that if I am going to quit smoking I need to lock myself in a dark room with no windows for a few weeks so that I can go insane alone... until the initial "I would chew off my arm and shove it up my own arse for a cigarette right now feeling". Never been a smoker? Then you will NEVER understand.

So here I sit, willing to sacrifice my arm for a smoke, knowing however that I really don't want to screw up. Not giving in is hard. But all I can do is try.

Little man being incredibly cute helps a lot.. Him and Reya are snuggling on the couch under my favorite blankie.

No, he's not sleeping He's just really happy snuggling with his Doggy.

My little man has turned out to be quite the klutz like his Mommy, He had ANOTHER date with the Ottoman today.. thank goodness it didn't get him in the eye again. This time it was on his chin, so there seems to be no problems arising from that. I really wish he hadn't inherited my coordination.

I would tell you how many days I have remained accident and "date" free, But I am afraid that I will jinx myself and I refuse to do anything furthur to aggravate the fates. I don't want to fall today.. or go on any dates.

Stay Golden Pony Boy

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