Friday, February 18, 2011

Mothers, Makeup and Old Ladies in The mirror!

Have you ever asked yourself: "What did I do wrong!?" Have you ever looked in the mirror to notice you have a cheerio imprinted on your forehead and your hair is matted down with a clump of peanut butter? Have you ever lifted your arms to get something off the top shelf and out of the corner of your eye see what looks like a birds nest only to look even closer and realize that's no birds nest that's your arm pit hair and it's long enough to house an entire flock of seagulls? That's the moment you vow to shave for fear your husband will mistake you for a gorilla and call the zoo to pick you up.... Either that or you actually welcome the thought of living in a zoo.

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are probably a Mom. If you are a Mom and can't relate then please, tell me where you find the time to plaster make up on your face every single day and shave your pits. And do you wear a raincoat to the dinner table to avoid the inevitable splash back of food?

I found myself looking in the mirror last night, I shook my head at what I saw and some old messy looking lady in front of me shook her head too... Oh WAIT THAT IS ME!? Good Lord. I nearly fell over. Guess it's time to start wearing make up to bed so I can wake up with it on. Either that, or stop looking in the mirror.

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