Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthdays, Late Bedtimes, Early to Rise and Accident Prone

Yeah Yeah, so I am 25 today! Happy Birthday to me right!? Little man woke up this morning at 6:30... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Little man had a huge poop diaper... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I tripped over the baby gate on the way to throw the diaper out and somehow managed to bend my toe backwards... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How many days accident free? It is now back to 0... again.

Little man didn't go to bed last night until 9:30, sure he was IN bed at 8 as usual, but he was talking to himself in there for an hour and a half. At least now he knows how I feel when I am talking to myself all the time. Little man and I have had a conversation about this several times before. 6:30am doesn't exist on the clock for me so he shouldn't wake up until at least 7:30. Yet, this morning there he was... door open... soft little voice saying "Hi Mommy. I waked up". Did he NOT get the Memo?

So I get out of bed, and realized really quickly when Little man said "Mommy, dirty face. Ewww" that I had not washed my makeup off before bed last night. So I told him to hold on and traipse into the bathroom where I proceed to wash the makeup off my face, somehow managing to get mascara IN my eye. Great, Now I can't see. So I stumble around fumbling blindly with my hands stretched out in front of me trying to find the towel. When I finally find it hanging on the back of my bedroom door and wipe my face clean I look over to Little man's door and realize he's just standing there in his doorway Wide eyed. "What's wrong" I asked. Wrong question. He replied with a PFFFTT noise and burst out laughing... (you know that sound that you make when you are trying not to laugh... I DONT KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT SO GET OUT OF IT). I assume that he must have been laughing at my stumbling around blindly so I proceed into his room to change his bum and get him dressed for breakfast, as I sit down on the floor little Mans laughing has now become gasping for air, and giggling wildly... He walks up to me and pulls a piece of wet toilet paper that was stuck to my forehead off and sticks it to his forehead.. still laughing wildly. Ok little man you are a comedian I get it.. I couldn't see ok!? I had run out of Make up remover pads so I had to use toilet paper... Guess now I know the real reason for his laughing. Look, I am NOT a morning person. He thinks it's the funniest thing he has ever seen or done in his life. I take the toilet paper off his head, because now his contagious laugh has caused me to burst out into laughter myself... and put it in the garbage. I go back into his room to get him dressed and change his poop bum. While taking the diaper out of his room to the trash I manage to trip over the baby gate, get my little toe caught and bend it back, trip over my other foot and have yet another date with the floor. I get up and there's Little man again, standing in his doorway... Laughing his little butt off.

Let's hope the remainder of the day will be accident free, I would like to make it to 26.

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