Thursday, February 3, 2011

What To Do When You're A Proud Ninja and its to your family's detriment?

I take a lot of pride in my honesty, I take a lot of pride in my straight forward no nonsense approach to life.

But what about when Pride gets in the way? What to do then? What do you do when you need to reach out and ask for financial help in order to obtain something that is essential to your family, yet you feel afraid to ask? You feel like you'd rather fall down the stairs again six times over than ask someone for help?

For me it's very hard to swallow my pride.

Husband/Daddy and I are currently looking for a place to live. We need to try to be out by March 1st, April 1st at the latest as Housemate Lady and Housemate Man are doing major renovations due to their relocation with the Military soon, and they are going to be selling the house.

Husband/Daddy and I have been to a few places and seen what we are up against. We are looking for a Two or More bedroom that is all inclusive as utilities get expensive... At our last apartment we were paying 1,050.00 plus utilities and it was a small 2 bedroom apartment, the utilities cost us about 600-800 dollars every two months, which equals out to approximately 1,400.00-1,500.00 a month depending on the Month. And NO we weren't keeping it so hot in there in the winter that you could fry an egg on the floor.. in fact.. we were wearing sweaters etc and keeping it as cool in there as possible.

We went to look at a townhouse which was 3 bedrooms, the pictures were nice, the actual place? Not so much. There was a large window at the front that clearly let all the air in, the place was very 50's the floor was a mess, the bathroom was disgusting and all the windows were so old that it was freezing in there.. it was 1,000 PLUS utilities, and considering the fact that the windows sucked it wouldn't be cheap in hydro and would probably cost us even more than the apartment due to the size of the place and considering it's electric heat. So, We decided that place was out! Because we need something that we can predict the rent each month, not get a Hydro bill that I will have to pimp myself out to be able to pay.

We went and looked at the top floor of a house yesterday. It was a bit more than the others in regards to the initial amount but its all inclusive so it works out to be less. Finally... all inclusive, accepts pets, has enough room for a young family and it's very beautiful, well maintained and like I said.. ALL INCLUSIVE. Available Immediately. Only problem is that we need to be able to come up with first and lasts months rent asap to get the place because I am SURE it won't last. My family has given us enough for part of last months rent, and now all we need is a bit more to cover first months and the moving expenses.

I know for a fact that we will never find another place for that price with everything included, and that if we don't get this place we will end up paying the same amount each month for a small place in a not so good neighborhood. We need to get this place before anyone else does. It will end up costing us a little less than the 2 bedroom Apartment the size of a box we were living in before, and it's in a good area.

I just hate asking for help. The worst part is that we CAN have enough for first and last months for that place by March 1st, but I feel like we don't have that long anymore..... I think I am going to have to suck up my pride and do what I have to do... Ask for help.

This Ninja is going to do what she has to do. I hope people understand.

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