Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Annoying Neighbour

Dear Jerk Down the Street,

My little man has finally gone for his first nap in many days. He has closed his little eyes and is up there snoozing away. What I don't understand is why, every single day, nearly all day, I have to listen to your dog bark on and on and on because you are so neglectful that you leave him outside for extended periods of time. If your dog is barking, BRING IT IN... If you let him out because he's barking inside and you don't want to listen to it, please bare in mind that I DONT WANT TO LISTEN TO IT EITHER.

If your dog wakes up my sleeping little man, I won't hesitate to walk over to your house with my grumpy screaming sleep deprived child and stand at your front door and let him go on and on... because it's just about as annoying as having to listen to your dog.. and having to listen to them both at once is even worse.

I would greatly appreciate it if you shut your dog up.. I don't care how.. Just do it.

The grumpy Ninja Down The Road

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