Friday, February 25, 2011

Super Ninja List Killer, Shower Curtains, Smelly socks and Shower Curtains

Well today is going to be insanely busy. I am not sure how I am going to cope. There is far too much to do!

We are supposed to have a meeting with the rental agent this morning at 11. And then we are leaving straight to go see Papa and Drop Little Man off. Then we will continue traveling all over the Province to pick up trucks, couches, tables and chairs etc. I wouldn't be surprised if we aren't home until midnight tonight!

On Another note, I just felt I should let you all know I managed to tackle 50% of the list and the other 50% will be finito today! That's right list.. I showed you who's boss, you may wear a cape but I am a Ninja.. I win by default.

This morning was an interesting one, which is a precursor for how I assume the day will continue on. I woke up this morning about the time that Husband/Daddy was getting ready to leave for work. I was still exhausted, which is funny because I have been going to be every night this week around 9Pm. So I sat up in bed and stared out the window and watched the car pull away and down the street as he went to work. 2 seconds later, right on schedule Little man opens his bedroom door. "Mommy WAKE UP PLEASE!" I hear. "Little man I am already awake" I reply back. He starts giggling like a crazy man and jumping up and down. I Head into his room to give him some of his toys, he had to play in there this morning while I got ready for the day for once. He was a good little boy, Reya (Our doggy) went in and played with him too. I leave the room to go get a towel and start the shower and for no reason.. other than I must have been due for a date again, I fell flat on my face and got very up close and personal with the floor, a hairbrush and a few socks (Smelly socks), Husband/Daddy's socks.. which he STILL refuses to throw in the laundry basket! Might I add the Laundry Basket is literally RIGHT BESIDE WHERE THE SOCKS were sitting. I sat up, kinda giggling to myself. How the heck can I be so accident prone!? Even when I am careful I tend to hurt myself. Goodness! As I am sitting there I realize that not only did I fall on a hairbrush, the floor and some stinky socks, I somehow also managed to pull the towel down with me off the back of the door and was now sitting tangled in the dang thing. Little man, of course.. is sitting there staring at me and laughing his butt off! SOME HELP HERE!? Man is he ever just like his Father.

After my date with the floor I really needed a shower, I felt like I smelled just like Husband/Daddy's dirty work socks, and trust me, that is not pleasant or even tolerable. So I carefully made my way to the bathroom and gingerly entered the shower being careful not to trip and hit my head on the sink or accidentally give myself a swirly, because that will be the next thing, I will somehow end up with my head in the toilet and Little Man will think it's hilarious to flush it as opposed to help me. Well, you guessed it, I got in the shower and turned the water on. (I am not sure why I waited until I was in the shower to turn the water on because I NEVER do that, I usually turn it on first get it to the right temperature and then get in.) As I turned the shower on a blast of cold water came out, freezing cold water! I jumped, started to slip, grabbed the shower curtain, and somehow managed to pull it down and land on my butt. Thankfully the shower curtain somewhat broke my fall and there are no injuries or even bruises to speak of.. Not sure I can say the same thing for the shower curtain, whom I had to put back up in order to attempt a shower at all. It's looking pretty tattered.

I was able to complete the remainder of my shower accident free, and I even got dressed without a hitch! Things were looking up! So I proceeded to the Bathroom to put my makeup on, where Little Man Provided me with his "Funny Quote Friday"... We finished up there and went and made breakfast, I somehow made it down the stairs without killing myself and here I sit... waiting to move, waiting to get all this stuff over with.. and time drags on! I would try get everything organized but I am afraid to do anything today. I think the only thing I can do is wrap myself in a giant mattress so I am protected from myself.

Write more after the move... If I didn't manage to Maim myself permanently in the move somehow... with all the boxes etc. I wouldn't put it past me..

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