Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea.. HEY it's moving day!!,

So I am up. It's 6:22 and I have been up for almost an hour! I can't get back to sleep I feel sick. I hate the anticipation and stress involved with moving and I have done enough moving lately. 3 moves in 4 months is a little much for me to handle. 

Yesterday was stressful in itself. We started on our journeys at 11am and finally got back here to go to bed at 11:30pm. Long day. Lots of driving and some drama along the way. 

Now this morning I sit here awake. I know I am a mother for sure as for one the first thing I thought about upon opening my eyes was "is little man ok. I hope he's still sleeping for papa and jay jay. Worst part is I know he's safe but I miss him so much. How am I goin to start my day without his kisses? Yeah I know, I complain when he makes me get up this early and then when he's not here I wake up this early anyways and feel a little lost. But don't you go telling him that. 

Moving is to commence at 10 this morning. 3.5 hours until the fun begins. Why the heck cant I sleep!? I hope this is the last time we move for a very Long time.

What the heck!? Did the dog just puke!? That doesn't help my yucky tummy! Argh!

Ninjafied terrified high-strung Mommers!

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