Friday, February 4, 2011

You Can't Evade A Ninja... Even On Fridays

Well it's Friday. I have absolutely NO idea what we are going to be doing this weekend!

Housemate Man is making his homemade Pizza again. Yummy! It's seriously so good that I could take two of those entire pizzas, sandwich them together and eat the whole thing like that until I made myself throw up!

What I am wondering today is about technology. How is it that my 2 1/2 year old can operate my iPhone better than I can? I was in the kitchen today, clearly making myself a snack (because I AM after all a chunky butt) and all of a sudden I hear Little Mans voice.. "Hello?" and oddly enough I hear a reply back "Well Hello Little Man" I almost choked on a mouth full of crackers... Yes, I am eating carbs... I love carbs.... Anyways, turns out little man had answered the phone, the ringer was off but my Little man still managed to not only answer the phone but also get it on speaker phone...The other voice on the phone was Husband/Daddy and I must admit he was rather surprised that Little Man had answered the phone too. After I dusted the cracker crumbs I had sprayed all over my shirt, I decided that I should go and talk to Husband/Daddy. He will be home early today like every Friday, he's done at 1pm, which is rather nice. After I hung up the phone, I decided it was a good time to go outside and get some fresh air.

I got bundled up and went out the back doors.... I turned around for 2 seconds and Little man had run up to the door.. I heard... "Click". My heart dropped.. He had locked me out... again... Yes Ladies and Gentlemen he HAS locked me out before... and when you tell him to "Unlock this door this INSTANT" He looks at you KNOWING full well that you can't get back in, smiles, says "NO" and goes and sits at the other end of the living room, laughing.. evilly. Last time I was outside for 45 Minuets before he decided to unlock the door... He got a Time out. Thankfully this time, I had Pulled the little peg that would allow both doors to open, before I went out there.. so while he's sitting there with a cheeky look on his face thinking I can't get back in... I am smiling inside... because I KNOW I can and will get back in and when I do.. not only will he Be Surprised, he will be in Time-Out. So as Little Man is standing there refusing to unlock the door and laughing I nonchalantly push the door open. His facial expression changes from his evil "what are you going to do about it from out there smile" to an expression only a Mother whose been locked outside by her own child before can appreciate... Complete and utter Surprise, Dismay and then defeat when he realizes he can no longer evade the inevitable time out.

How many times do I have to tell ya kid? I'm a Ninja!

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