Thursday, February 24, 2011

Babysitting, Rescheduling, Drums and Forts

Well today has decided to throw me for a loop! Last night I was in bed, fast asleep when Husband/Daddy asked me if I would babysit for Our Friends Uncle B and Aunt A. Aunt A had to go down to the city to pick up their lottery winnings. Yes, they have won the lottery.. on a scratch ticket would you believe?! Husband/Daddy shook me last night and I rolled over and glared at him, wiping the drool off my chin.. I don't like to be woken up, not even for a second so I can't say I was pleased (although I DID go to bed at 9pm.. yes, 9pm) "WHAT?!" I believed I growled those words, I am not proud of it but I am like a bear when I sleep and if you are waking me up you best have some food to calm me down. Husband/Daddy quickly changed his tune as he could tell he was close to being hurt "Uncle B just text me and wants to know if you would be ok with going over there tomorrow with Little Man to watch baby A while Uncle B works and Aunt A goes to the city." It sounded to me like he was speaking Chinese, I wasn't even fully awake, but I was excited to get my first chance to take care of Baby A for a day! So I agreed, I would have to head over there early the next morning so I rolled back over and fell back to sleep.

This morning I woke up around 6:30 just as Husband/Daddy was getting ready for work. I text Aunt A to confirm my arrival time of 8:30am and set out to have a shower and get myself and Little man organized for an early morning trip to go see Baby A. Little man woke up seconds after I refilled my water glass and took my morning piddle. So, I gave him his cars and let him play while I got us both organized. I was in a chipper mood and quite excited to spend the day with little man and Baby A. I got us all organized and packed up, dressed Little man and headed out the door. 2 seconds after stepping off the front porch (accident free might I add) Uncle B called me and informed me that my services were no longer required as he had just woken up for work to discover that he was sick... Pout! So I headed back in the house and got everything unpacked and decided to make another plan for the day.

I set out to the kitchen to make some Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal and little man and I had a nice quiet breakfast together. After breakfast we set out to put the music on, grab some pots, pans, plastic containers and some wooden spoons and started our own percussion section. We had a blast until little man let the wooden spoon accidentally slip out of his hand and it went flying right into my face... (There goes my accident free day) So I decided that we were finished with that and decided to build a fort made of pillows and blankets and all that jazz. Right now the living room is a terrible mess, there is a fort built, cars all over the place, nowhere to sit, but there is a VERY happy little man playing amongst the mess... somewhere I hope..

Moving is creeping up on us. Tomorrow we do all the grunt work in regards to getting the truck and meeting with the landlord to sign the lease and get the keys...obtaining some new furniture and taking Little man to his Papa`s house for the weekend. Today couldn`t go fast enough.

I will try to come back for "Little Man's Funny Quote Friday's" Tomorrow but I can't guarantee anything as we will be doing a lot of running around.

One of the first things I will be setting up when we get to the new place will be my computer.. I can't live without this thing and I am POSITIVE I have a lot to write.

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