Friday, January 28, 2011

Car Trips, Carseats and Trapped leprechauns!

Well Here I am... You found me! Probably my last post for the weekend as we won't be around and I will not have access to a computer... Which means I am going to be having LOTS of Shower Books. (For Definition of Shower book please see:

This morning has been pretty busy. I spent a lot of time cleaning up, and then having to re-clean because Little man's help usually presents me with more work... Hey at least he tries to help.. didn't learn THAT from his Father...

So now, it's just time to relax for the few minuets before Husband/Daddy traipses through the house and ruins all the cleaning and re-cleaning I had to do.. so that I have to do it again.. Hey third times a charm... at least thats what I've heard.. I tend to think third time is a giant pain in the ass... but hey.. what do I know?

This weekend is going to be busy. A lot of visiting to do, a lot of traveling and little relaxing.. but all I can think is... HEY I Don't have to cook ALL weekend! I am about as excited about this visit with family as I would be if I was going to the Bahamas.. I love to
cook... and I LOVE food... BUT, I especially love it
when I don't have to cook the food to love it... its the best when all I have to know is how to operate a fork
and thats it... THAT I can do.. Very Well...
Based on the recent digits on the scale I would say TOO well.

Hopefully little man will nap in the car on the way down because I REALLY don't want to have to deal with a drunk leprechaun in a carseat... Those are the WORST... You can't contain a leprechaun... and if you try... Well then you are in for a Surprise... Or a lot of boots to the backseat which eventually result in a very frustrated Mommy that makes Husband/Daddy pull the car over so that she can go into the backseat and have a face-to face chat with "Shorty McGoldpot" about the importance of good behavior...

Anyways, I suppose I should get organized.... or something...

More To Come On Monday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ninjas Don't get pregnant, they just give birth!

Everyone has their own question that they just can't stand being asked... I know for a fact My friend Christine at does, My husband does, My Mother does... and... Surprise!! So do I!

For me its... "Are you Pregnant?"... Obviously I have done some things in previous times that might be misconstrued as evidence that I might be... but I am not... and if I was, it would be obvious that I was not ready to tell anyone yet... SO STOP ASKING! Rest assured, if I do get pregnant again I will be sure to let everyone know, but until then.... NO I AM NOT PREGNANT... if I ever am again I will post a picture of the Positive test so that you all can see with your own eyes.

Aside from that rant... Today has been quite the interesting day. I am now sitting here quietly as little man is napping.. that's right folks he is napping AGAIN! Finally.. yesterday he decided not to and for the remainder of the day parenting him was like fighting with a drunk leprechaun... He's Short, He's Feisty, Can't understand a word he says, and he's wobbling all over the place in a complete and utter daze due to lack of sleep... all the while being grumpy about everything... I just about went to the cupboard to give him his lucky charms back before I realized I too must be sleep deprived... or drunk...Husband/Daddy what did you put in my Cranberry juice jug?! Pfft... No everyone I DO NOT DRINK during the day... Don't try to repossess my child.. I haven't missed a payment YET!

That will be all until later...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's For Dinner Wednesdays!

Oh, There you are. Well, today is Wednesday and I have decided that I am going to start something new on my Blog for this ever so lazy day. Every Wednesday seems like a struggle for me. I usually have a weekly meal plan drawn out, so that I am not left wondering every night of the week: "What am I going to make for dinner?" By Wednesday I usually have no interest in following it because it just seems like too much work. Tonight I have an exercise class to go to with my Sister in Law/Tia... so, I don't particularly feel like putting on an apron and playing "Betty Crocker" Tonight.

I will now share with you.. whether you like it or not... My Decided meal for this evening...

This is What's For Dinner This Wednesday:

Yummy Broccoli and Chicken Bake...

6 cups hot cooked broccoli (You Can use Fresh Or Frozen...)
4 cups cooked, skinless chicken breast cut into little squares
2 cans Low Fat Cream of Broccoli Soup (Doesn't matter what brand, I am cheap AND Lazy so I use No Name Brand)
2/3 cup 1% milk (I am exercising tonight so I guess no 2%.. but you can use whatever, no ones making YOU exercise)
1 cup shredded light/regular Cheddar cheese (I usually use "Full Fat" But Not tonight.. Damn Sister in law/Tia)
2 tbsp onion powder
4 tbsp dry bread crumbs, add salt, pepper, and some other seasoning crap thats in your cupboard to the bread crumbs... ie: Garlic Powder and Oregano.. (Thats RIGHT sister in law... I AM EATING SOME BREAD CRUMBS)
2 tsp butter or margarine, melted (Yep.. You guessed it.. tonight I will be using Margarine.)

Do This Stuff To Cook It.... Or it Won't cook... and then there will be no dinner....

1. Arrange broccoli and chicken in Large sized baking dish.
2. Pour mixture of soup, onion powder and milk over broccoli and chicken. Sprinkle with cheese. Top with mixture of bread crumbs and butter.
3. Bake at 425°F (220°C) until heated through - only takes about 25 minutes.

Cook whatever else you want with it as a side... we are having Steamed Long Grain Rice, and A Pre-Made bag of Spinach Salad that I bought just in case I had another one of these Wednesdays.. NO, I don't even feel like making my own salad... leave me alone :D

Well.. I am off....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Put a Sock In it"... An expression not to be used with Smarty Pants Kids..

Sometimes as a Parent, I say things that aren't necessarily the vision of the Perfect Mother... For instance...

This afternoon just before Little man's before Nap time snack he was sitting here repeating the word "Crackers" over and over again... I told him about 10 times to: "Please relax Mommy's on the phone with the bank and I will get you some crackers as soon as I don't need to have a pen in my hand".... I hung up the phone finally... Annoying bank.... and he looks at me with a devilish grin and says: "Crackers!?" I started to giggle a bit because his face had such a funny expression on it, whipped out my phone to take a pic of his devil face and then said jokingly: "Oh put a sock in it.. Mommy's getting your snack"... Well before I could put my phone back away.. My little man... Did just what I told him to do for the FIRST time ever, without me having to ask twice....

Thanks for taking that literally little man...But TAKE THAT SOCK OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! I am so glad I had the phone out and ready from the previous devil face. I Cracked up...... I couldn't hold it in... And so did he.... Cheeky Monkey!


We then ate our crackers and he is now down for his first nap he has actually fallen asleep for since we took away his soother.

I knew that if we had kept putting him in his room at naptime, whether he slept or not, he would eventually get used to the nap without the soother... and today...


Now to watch some Trash Tv!! Yay!

Coffee, Pee, Vomit and a Date with The Floor

This morning was one of those mornings when you wake up refreshed for the day, you open your eyes and see the light spreading through the curtains and realize... It's time to start the day... you know... the kind of mornings you USED to have before you had kids....

Which leads me to the next part of my morning... WHAT TIME IS IT!? WHERE IS LITTLE MAN!? DID I SLEEP IN!? WHY IS HE SO QUIET!? Thats right... the ever so wonderful... Mommy Maniac Panic Time!!! I struggle my way out of the bed, my feet get stuck in the sheets and I somehow manage to have a date with the floor.. it was about time.. I mean, I have been leading him on for weeks accident free.. You're welcome Floor.. next time buy me dinner first... I recover from my date... and get off the floor, Rush out of my room and to little man's door. I slowly open it and.. he's still in bed.. fast asleep... Ok.. so that panic was for nothing at all..

I close the door as quietly as possible and check my phone to see what time it is... No we don't have a clock on our night stand.... It's only 7:45am. Where did THAT panic come from!?

Now feeling jubilant about my new found free time I decide it's time to put some pants on and make the 15 minuet trek down the stairs to perhaps make myself something highly caffeinated before little man wakes up. I take it slow, after all, I have already had a date with the floor and it's kind of slutty to have two separate dates on the same day... the stairs are going to have to take a rain check....

I get to the bottom of the stairs and hear: "Mommy!?"... Oh joy... No quiet cup of coffee this morning. And so begins my trek back up the stairs... I open little man's door and the first thing he says to me is "I Wet." Oh JOY! Thank goodness I have an extra set of sheets that are clean... Stupid Diapers.. 12 hours protection my ass... So, non-caffeinated and still a little sore from my date with the floor... I change little man's clothes, Change the sheets and blankets on his bed and now we both head downstairs.... Well there goes 2 hours of my morning spent in stairs and sheets already... All I wanted was a coffee...

We finally make it down the stairs and he eats breakfast and I continue on to make myself a coffee... just as the coffee is brewed... The dog pukes... and I have decided I no longer drink coffee...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sock Puppets and a Crazy little thing called Love.

Have you ever had one of those days where it feels like you are talking to a sock? As a parent I constantly feel like that, and not one of those socks that has eyes sewn to its face, and a mouth drawn on.... no, not a sock puppet but just a plain jane sock... the kind my husband constantly leaves laying on the floor as opposed to putting it in the laundry hamper... (talking to him is like talking to a very large sock...)The only time either one of them actually listens to me is when I am talking about food, or cars... oh the joys of having a family of only boys.

For me and my family consistency is key. Husband/Daddy and I will always be a united front. We will always back each other up and in front of Little Man we will never argue about what we believe is the best parenting move, if one of us does something the other disagrees with we talk about it when little man is not around.

My Family Rules and a note to Children From their Mother:

1. When I say do something do it... I will ask you once, if you don't do it the first time I will ask you again with a warning of time out etc. If you don't do it that time its straight to time out... do not pass go, do not collect 200.00. And you bet your butt then when you have served your 2 minuets for time out, the thing I asked you to do is STILL sitting there waiting for you to do it... and you WILL do it.

2. Bed time is Bed time. No questions, no delaying.... We have a specific routine that is followed every night before bed and between the hours of 8pm and 7am you are not to leave your room unless your rooms on fire. Simple.

3. I am not your short order cook. You don't enjoy what I made you for dinner? Too bad! No I will NOT make you a peanut butter sandwich, no I will NOT beg you to eat... you sit at the table until what I cooked is finished... if you're still there at bedtime? You go straight to bed..and you get it for breakfast the next day.... enjoy.

4. I am not your friend, I am your Mother. You will make plenty of friends along the way in life... but you will only have one Mother, one person that gave birth to you.. one person that "Pushed a watermelon through a garden hose" so that you can have life... and that's what you need me to be... a Mother... Not your Pal.

5. Don't whine... It's an awful noise and it gets you NOTHING.

6. Use your Manners. There is nothing more disgusting to me than when a child demands things. You can and WILL be raised better than that. Ask nicely, and don't expect to get ANYTHING unless you do.

7. Know I love you. I love you more than anything in the world. You are my reason for living and nothing will ever change that.

Well, that concludes my lesson for the day! Ha! Anyways, I am sure there are other things that I could put on that list but those are the most important ones to me....

I believe that if those rules are all enforced a level of "respect" will then result from them and will be paid to all adults... I have to set the example.. thats what parenting is about..

Black Eyes, Strained Necks and Broken Bottoms....

Well the past week has just flown by. The Husband/Daddy was at home for the most part and we did a lot of running back and forth from the doctors to the pharmacy to home where he would lay in bed for hours at a time complaining about how bad his neck hurt. Poor baby.

The sad thing is now we have to put up with the WSIB. Oh Joy! Just as we were starting to recover financially from the last time that we fought with them... its time to fight with them again. So we grabbed the papers and filled them out. I had to do all the leg work since hes broken so that was fun... standing at the drug store waiting for the dumb lady who doesn't know how to operate the fax machine.. to fax 4 pages of important documentation to two different numbers... Yeah.... I was there for a while.

The weekend came and Sister In Law/Tia and Brother In Law/Tio took Little man for the weekend. So there weren't any adventures up until Sunday when we picked him up in the morning.. and even then... no real adventures... I was starting to worry that my child had been replaced with someone else's! He's usually so eventful.

Well, this morning we woke up. It was about 8am before he got up, so I got to sleep in a bit. Was really nice. So we got up, I told him I would be in soon, made the bed and got dressed and then I went in and he was already sitting up in bed reading a book. It was quite adorable. So, we got up and went on our way downstairs... which is a feat that usually takes us about 14 minuets to go down as I am now more careful than I have ever been in my life...

Well, he ate breakfast no problem and decided that he was going to play with his cars.. well, he went to turn around and his socks slipped and my poor baby fell face first into the corner of the Ottoman. Which might I add isn't soft.... he was quite upset, and so I went and picked him up and we cuddled for a while. I was icing his cheek when I realized he was bruising already. Now he looks like a UFC fighter and has quite the shiner!

That was two seconds after it happened... its a lot more intense looking now... But he's my tough guy as you can see... he was already laughing it off :D

What is with my family!? The stairs trip me... Hubby/Daddy has a door frame jump out and land on him and an Ottoman bites little man's face... it can't possibly be that we have that bad of luck..... it must just be the fact that objects are so attracted to us they can't help themselves... It can't be that we are clumsy... I will just blame the objects... its their fault....

Husband/Daddy's at work today. I hope that goes well and he doesn't come home feeling worse than ever because he had to work....

Well, I am off... Nothing exciting to report aside from that so far.. we will see what happens because there is still an entire rest of the day left.... lets hope we make it without anymore objects deciding to attack us.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dinner Time.... The Ultimate Spartan Battle!

When dinner time comes lately... I feel like I am watching 300. Little man would be Gerard butler and I would be the dirt on his shoe. Ok. Let's rephrase that, I am the Spartan master. He is my minion. But he TRIES really hard to be Gerard butler...

We all finish dinner and he sits there. We all leave the table and he sits there. He Stares at us and WE just sit there in the living room. He talks to me and my response is and always will be "eat" word, no eye contact. He sighs. He sits there. I glance over and he's got a defiant look on his face.... He's totally part of his daddy's family.....Stubborn and bull headed. But I am part of MY daddy's family..... More stubborn and more bull headed. You just can't win Gerard...and I am NOT sorry. He sits there....20 minuets pass... He realizes I am not going to back down and he picks up his fork, slowly raises it to his lips and takes a bite. He doesn't realize I AM watching him (because of course I am a ninja.) but I am Victorious! It may have taken 20 minuets but I STILL won! A few more minuets and I hear "Mommy... I done" I go over... he's done. I say "Next time you will eat while everyone else eats... Got It?" Little man replies with a "Got it" and the battle.. I mean dinner is done. He will learn one day.... Consistency.

Victory is and always will be... Mine.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Falling Door Frames, Soothers and a Good end to a strange Day!

 Yesterday was an O.K day in the end...

I was making dinner when Husband/Daddy came in the door from work. I missed him yesterday... a lot. He then informed me that a door frame had fallen on his neck/upper back at work and he was in a lot of pain. Poor guy... What kinda luck we have had lately with our bodies. I fell down the stairs weeks ago.. carrying little Man (He was ok, I protected him by holding him on my tummy) But my tailbone STILL hurts, not as bad as it did for the week or so after, but none the less I still have problems getting up and getting comfortable sometimes... and now Husband/Daddy is in a world of pain. Poor Baby.

*....But on another MORE positive note....*

That's right, a positive note.....One of the latest Parenting battles has seemingly been conquered...Boo Yaka Sha......  The Soother... or as we like to call it the "sucky." We had taken it away during the day and the only time he was allowed to have it was at nap time or at bedtime.... we had decided to tackle taking it away completely after that but it has been almost a year since we limited it to bedtimes...

Last night I went over to Sister in law/Tia's and Brother in law/Tio's... to go at watch some trashy television. Husband/Daddy dropped me off around 7pm after dinner.. so I wasn't here for bedtime, that was left up to Husband/Daddy. My visit was a lot of fun. I enjoyed getting out and spending time with other people, and I have to say switching between two different "trash" tv shows on a Monday night is seriously my idea of a good time!

Anyways, I got home last night around 10:30pm. Little man was of course, long since sleeping. Husband/Daddy was upstairs playing some video games when I came in.... I sat down, we were talking when all of a sudden he decided to tell me that he had taken the soother away and told Little man that he was a good boy and a big boy and he didn't need it anymore. Needless to say Little man slept ALL night without it last night....

......and Husband/Daddy got a reward for being such a great Daddy. *Wink Wink* Lucky him!

Well, I am off to continue the day today... Lets see what other battles I have in store for me...... I think we might be crazy...


Monday, January 17, 2011

The way the cookie crumbles...

This morning I woke up. Little Man was in his room very softly saying "Mommy where are you?" What a great way to start the Morning! I remember thinking how lucky I am to have such a cutie for my little man....

So, with that positive outlook I hopped out of bed, threw some clothes on and scurried in to Little man's room. He was sitting up in bed and ready to go downstairs and start the day. So as usual what I did was get him up, get him changed and ran downstairs and let him play in his room for a little while, so that I can make coffee and get little man's breakfast ready. (Yeah, we have a baby gate blocking his door, don't worry I am not that stupid)

So, I get all that done without a hitch, except that the kitchen was a complete mess, I couldnt believe the amount of dishes that were left in the sink! What a mess.. Would have been nice of Husband/Daddy to perhaps clean them last night since I made dinner for the most part... but ok. Once I got everything started I went back up and grabbed Little man to come down and eat his breakfast. Again, went off without a hitch... everything was seemingly going well. In fact, the day went pretty well until lunch time.

At lunch time I decided that I was going to make myself a salad and Little Man was going to have Hot dogs, so I started to get everything organized. We had gone grocery shopping this weekend and the refrigerator was full and I had noticed earlier that the Milk was in the door. I planned on fixing that and rearranging the fridge because things weren't put away very well from the grocery shop and having a milk jug in the door is really not a good idea. Well, I didn't give myself time to fix it, because as I closed the door I heard "Thunk" and sure enough when I opened the door the entire fridge was covered in milk, Puddles on all the shelves and little splashes everywhere.. Lovely. SO instead of eating my lunch I spent that time cleaning out the fridge. Well, at least its clean!

Tonight is another night of trashy television.... I am either going to go over to Sister in law/Tia's and Brother in Law/Tio's house and watch it with them and have some drinks... or I am going to stay here and watch it here.. I am starting to lean towards going there to go watch it because I think I need a break from stuff right now.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Day Of Potty Madness comes to an end with some Trashy T.V!

NM-Hey Little Man, Are you trying to poop right now?
LM-*Bright red and grunting* -Nope
NM-Yes you are, lets go use the potty.
*Grabs him anyways and sticks him on potty*
NM-Are you going to go poop?
NM-Can you use the potty like a big boy?
LM-Nope! Nope! Nope! Potty Nope!

As you can see this is yet another one of my battles that I have to face. The idea of going potty no matter what the reward... chocolate, Diego likes to potty, Lightning McQueen goes potty.... doesn't seem to be worth the actual sitting on the potty and doing his business.He would rather pinch his little butt cheeks so tight that he never actually goes poop... at all, than to sit on the potty and just go! Ok, Ok so he might not be entirely ready, but at least he took a step in the right direction and has decided that he is actually alright with just sitting on the potty and at least trying.

What a day it has been. The Husband/Daddy only works a half day tomorrow so that's always promising. Now instead of taking care of one little man all day I have 1/2 a day with only one and the rest of the day with little man and an over grown child that I can't seem to train either.

Really, how hard is it for Husband/Daddy to clean up a little after himself.!? Yeah he works hard all day long. But really? Is it such a long walk to the sink to drop off your cup as opposed to leaving it on the table for me to pick up in the morning amongst the three million OTHER things I need to do? Sometimes it seems like all he does is make my job as a parent and stay at home Mom, unnecessarily more difficult. What I mean by that is... the laundry hamper is right there, why does he feel the need to just throw his clothes on the floor beside it? The towel rack is still in the bathroom, when you are done with a towel hang it back up on the rack, don't just throw it on the floor. Do I go to his job site and take a sledge hammer to all the progress he's made at work during the day? No! So why is it ok for him to come home after I have spent all day cleaning and tidying up and do just that to me? I think tomorrow morning I am going to go packing my sledge, show up at his job site, ask him what he has done so far in day and then TOTALLY mess that business up... I personally would get a kick out of it.... Don't think he would find it that funny.

Well, I am off to prepare myself to watch some trashy Tv.... by that I mean grab a drink and some munchies and get myself comfortable enough to watch some weird pyscho people making actual money doing something that I could easily do.. just not look as hot while doing it.

K bye

I Clearly Jinxed Myself

"He has been generally good with the transition, he likes to be in his bed".......

Well, last night something happened, I must have jinxed myself yesterday with my entry. We put Little man to bed around 8:15pm last night, he was incredibly hyper before bed, jumping up and down, running around. I am not sure who put the sugar in his system, but that is to be left up for investigation...... *Ninja Mommy is on the case*

Once we got him all settled and into bed, we came downstairs and started watching a movie. Well, I believe the mute button has been worn out now... Shhh I hear him. So Daddy goes up, hes already back in bed quietly with a book hiding under the covers. He was distraught because the book he chose was one of those hard cover books with the removeable Sleave and it had fallen off, "I broked it Daddy" He said. Daddy of course can't help himself with the little mans puppy dog eyes (Thank god we didn't have a girl, it would be even worse) so he sat there and talked to him for a moment to show him that he didn't break the book. HEY DADDY!? What happened to all those Parenting shows I've forced you to watch that say to just go in, place him back in bed and don't talk?... Guess he wasn't REALLY watching.

So I believe we had both gone upstairs 3 times to remind him that bedtime means BED. Finally it was quiet we came back downstairs (by now it was 9:15) and resume watching the movie, which our housemates to nicely paused for us (Again... Poor them LOL) 10 minuets later we hear the pitter patter of little feet above our heads again, this time Housemate man wants to see if he can catch him out of bed... So HE decides he's going to try to Ninja his way up the stairs... (Hey Mister, Don't you try to take my Ninja Mommy status) He catches him out of bed and so we went up and put him back in, it was pretty interesting. FINALLY around 9:30 we were able to continue the movie without pressing the pause or mute button once!

I swear that NEVER happens anymore and he has been in his big boy bed for almost 3 weeks now... Silly blog post DID Jinx me.

Husband/Daddy is at work today as per usual. He's an electrician so he has pretty solid hours which is nice. He works really hard. But I SWEAR the PS3 is going to be thrown out the window soon. Housemate Man plays the same game right now, he comes home from work and turns on the infernal Gran Tarismo 5.. ok fine... there are only two TV's in the house and if I decide I don't want to watch Housemate Man play it I can always go upstairs to the only other TV in the house and watch Husband/Daddy play it... What a variety Housemate Lady and I have. I am pretty sure we are both going to end up throwing these systems out... without them knowing, then beat eachother up and say that we were robbed, of only the PS3's.. Hell, all we have to take are all the HDMI cables and Video Cables so the systems can't be hooked up to the TVs. "Here's the deal boys, you guys can turn on the game and play it, but you can't see what your doing while you do it and in turn we can't either" Best of both worlds... They can play and we don't have to watch it. Not that they will get very far without being able to see it HA!

I am not sure whats on the agenda for the remainder of the day. Housemate Lady is home sick from work today. She was not feeling so great last night so for right now I am working on getting Little man to keep quiet to let her sleep.. GOOD LUCK trying to keep a 2 1/2 year old quiet, is like Nailing Jell-O to a tree...

OK well, I will update later.