Friday, January 28, 2011

Car Trips, Carseats and Trapped leprechauns!

Well Here I am... You found me! Probably my last post for the weekend as we won't be around and I will not have access to a computer... Which means I am going to be having LOTS of Shower Books. (For Definition of Shower book please see:

This morning has been pretty busy. I spent a lot of time cleaning up, and then having to re-clean because Little man's help usually presents me with more work... Hey at least he tries to help.. didn't learn THAT from his Father...

So now, it's just time to relax for the few minuets before Husband/Daddy traipses through the house and ruins all the cleaning and re-cleaning I had to do.. so that I have to do it again.. Hey third times a charm... at least thats what I've heard.. I tend to think third time is a giant pain in the ass... but hey.. what do I know?

This weekend is going to be busy. A lot of visiting to do, a lot of traveling and little relaxing.. but all I can think is... HEY I Don't have to cook ALL weekend! I am about as excited about this visit with family as I would be if I was going to the Bahamas.. I love to
cook... and I LOVE food... BUT, I especially love it
when I don't have to cook the food to love it... its the best when all I have to know is how to operate a fork
and thats it... THAT I can do.. Very Well...
Based on the recent digits on the scale I would say TOO well.

Hopefully little man will nap in the car on the way down because I REALLY don't want to have to deal with a drunk leprechaun in a carseat... Those are the WORST... You can't contain a leprechaun... and if you try... Well then you are in for a Surprise... Or a lot of boots to the backseat which eventually result in a very frustrated Mommy that makes Husband/Daddy pull the car over so that she can go into the backseat and have a face-to face chat with "Shorty McGoldpot" about the importance of good behavior...

Anyways, I suppose I should get organized.... or something...

More To Come On Monday!

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