Monday, January 17, 2011

The way the cookie crumbles...

This morning I woke up. Little Man was in his room very softly saying "Mommy where are you?" What a great way to start the Morning! I remember thinking how lucky I am to have such a cutie for my little man....

So, with that positive outlook I hopped out of bed, threw some clothes on and scurried in to Little man's room. He was sitting up in bed and ready to go downstairs and start the day. So as usual what I did was get him up, get him changed and ran downstairs and let him play in his room for a little while, so that I can make coffee and get little man's breakfast ready. (Yeah, we have a baby gate blocking his door, don't worry I am not that stupid)

So, I get all that done without a hitch, except that the kitchen was a complete mess, I couldnt believe the amount of dishes that were left in the sink! What a mess.. Would have been nice of Husband/Daddy to perhaps clean them last night since I made dinner for the most part... but ok. Once I got everything started I went back up and grabbed Little man to come down and eat his breakfast. Again, went off without a hitch... everything was seemingly going well. In fact, the day went pretty well until lunch time.

At lunch time I decided that I was going to make myself a salad and Little Man was going to have Hot dogs, so I started to get everything organized. We had gone grocery shopping this weekend and the refrigerator was full and I had noticed earlier that the Milk was in the door. I planned on fixing that and rearranging the fridge because things weren't put away very well from the grocery shop and having a milk jug in the door is really not a good idea. Well, I didn't give myself time to fix it, because as I closed the door I heard "Thunk" and sure enough when I opened the door the entire fridge was covered in milk, Puddles on all the shelves and little splashes everywhere.. Lovely. SO instead of eating my lunch I spent that time cleaning out the fridge. Well, at least its clean!

Tonight is another night of trashy television.... I am either going to go over to Sister in law/Tia's and Brother in Law/Tio's house and watch it with them and have some drinks... or I am going to stay here and watch it here.. I am starting to lean towards going there to go watch it because I think I need a break from stuff right now.

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