Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ninjas Don't get pregnant, they just give birth!

Everyone has their own question that they just can't stand being asked... I know for a fact My friend Christine at does, My husband does, My Mother does... and... Surprise!! So do I!

For me its... "Are you Pregnant?"... Obviously I have done some things in previous times that might be misconstrued as evidence that I might be... but I am not... and if I was, it would be obvious that I was not ready to tell anyone yet... SO STOP ASKING! Rest assured, if I do get pregnant again I will be sure to let everyone know, but until then.... NO I AM NOT PREGNANT... if I ever am again I will post a picture of the Positive test so that you all can see with your own eyes.

Aside from that rant... Today has been quite the interesting day. I am now sitting here quietly as little man is napping.. that's right folks he is napping AGAIN! Finally.. yesterday he decided not to and for the remainder of the day parenting him was like fighting with a drunk leprechaun... He's Short, He's Feisty, Can't understand a word he says, and he's wobbling all over the place in a complete and utter daze due to lack of sleep... all the while being grumpy about everything... I just about went to the cupboard to give him his lucky charms back before I realized I too must be sleep deprived... or drunk...Husband/Daddy what did you put in my Cranberry juice jug?! Pfft... No everyone I DO NOT DRINK during the day... Don't try to repossess my child.. I haven't missed a payment YET!

That will be all until later...


  1. are you sure your not pregnant...cause it kinda sounds like you might be hahahahahahahahah