Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Put a Sock In it"... An expression not to be used with Smarty Pants Kids..

Sometimes as a Parent, I say things that aren't necessarily the vision of the Perfect Mother... For instance...

This afternoon just before Little man's before Nap time snack he was sitting here repeating the word "Crackers" over and over again... I told him about 10 times to: "Please relax Mommy's on the phone with the bank and I will get you some crackers as soon as I don't need to have a pen in my hand".... I hung up the phone finally... Annoying bank.... and he looks at me with a devilish grin and says: "Crackers!?" I started to giggle a bit because his face had such a funny expression on it, whipped out my phone to take a pic of his devil face and then said jokingly: "Oh put a sock in it.. Mommy's getting your snack"... Well before I could put my phone back away.. My little man... Did just what I told him to do for the FIRST time ever, without me having to ask twice....

Thanks for taking that literally little man...But TAKE THAT SOCK OUT OF YOUR MOUTH! I am so glad I had the phone out and ready from the previous devil face. I Cracked up...... I couldn't hold it in... And so did he.... Cheeky Monkey!


We then ate our crackers and he is now down for his first nap he has actually fallen asleep for since we took away his soother.

I knew that if we had kept putting him in his room at naptime, whether he slept or not, he would eventually get used to the nap without the soother... and today...


Now to watch some Trash Tv!! Yay!

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