Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Clearly Jinxed Myself

"He has been generally good with the transition, he likes to be in his bed".......

Well, last night something happened, I must have jinxed myself yesterday with my entry. We put Little man to bed around 8:15pm last night, he was incredibly hyper before bed, jumping up and down, running around. I am not sure who put the sugar in his system, but that is to be left up for investigation...... *Ninja Mommy is on the case*

Once we got him all settled and into bed, we came downstairs and started watching a movie. Well, I believe the mute button has been worn out now... Shhh I hear him. So Daddy goes up, hes already back in bed quietly with a book hiding under the covers. He was distraught because the book he chose was one of those hard cover books with the removeable Sleave and it had fallen off, "I broked it Daddy" He said. Daddy of course can't help himself with the little mans puppy dog eyes (Thank god we didn't have a girl, it would be even worse) so he sat there and talked to him for a moment to show him that he didn't break the book. HEY DADDY!? What happened to all those Parenting shows I've forced you to watch that say to just go in, place him back in bed and don't talk?... Guess he wasn't REALLY watching.

So I believe we had both gone upstairs 3 times to remind him that bedtime means BED. Finally it was quiet we came back downstairs (by now it was 9:15) and resume watching the movie, which our housemates to nicely paused for us (Again... Poor them LOL) 10 minuets later we hear the pitter patter of little feet above our heads again, this time Housemate man wants to see if he can catch him out of bed... So HE decides he's going to try to Ninja his way up the stairs... (Hey Mister, Don't you try to take my Ninja Mommy status) He catches him out of bed and so we went up and put him back in, it was pretty interesting. FINALLY around 9:30 we were able to continue the movie without pressing the pause or mute button once!

I swear that NEVER happens anymore and he has been in his big boy bed for almost 3 weeks now... Silly blog post DID Jinx me.

Husband/Daddy is at work today as per usual. He's an electrician so he has pretty solid hours which is nice. He works really hard. But I SWEAR the PS3 is going to be thrown out the window soon. Housemate Man plays the same game right now, he comes home from work and turns on the infernal Gran Tarismo 5.. ok fine... there are only two TV's in the house and if I decide I don't want to watch Housemate Man play it I can always go upstairs to the only other TV in the house and watch Husband/Daddy play it... What a variety Housemate Lady and I have. I am pretty sure we are both going to end up throwing these systems out... without them knowing, then beat eachother up and say that we were robbed, of only the PS3's.. Hell, all we have to take are all the HDMI cables and Video Cables so the systems can't be hooked up to the TVs. "Here's the deal boys, you guys can turn on the game and play it, but you can't see what your doing while you do it and in turn we can't either" Best of both worlds... They can play and we don't have to watch it. Not that they will get very far without being able to see it HA!

I am not sure whats on the agenda for the remainder of the day. Housemate Lady is home sick from work today. She was not feeling so great last night so for right now I am working on getting Little man to keep quiet to let her sleep.. GOOD LUCK trying to keep a 2 1/2 year old quiet, is like Nailing Jell-O to a tree...

OK well, I will update later.


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