Thursday, February 10, 2011

Naptime, Moving, Spring Please and Aging.

Little man has seemingly forgotten what the word nap means and what he is supposed to do when I put him for his nap. From my understanding he is under the impression that when Mommy says "Nap time" that means, stay in bed for less than 30 seconds, open the door a million times, scream, dance, laugh, play and last but not least request juice... no little man.. Just NO! Nap means the complete opposite of that. Nap means that mommy gets to sit down and eat a snack in peace without a little mini gypsy stealing half of my food, it means that you close your eyes and stay in your bed, it means that mommy has 1 hour in which there is COMPLETE silence, and it means that I have the time to get my sanity back... Do NOT take that away from me, PLEASE... Yep, This Ninja begs.

I am glad its Thursday, my excitement in regards to moving is building and bubbling over the top. I can't wait! There are still 16 days.. and I know you are going to say... "But Ninja Mommers, 16 days is not that long!" and my reply to that is: "YES IT IS,ITS TOO LONG!" Thats still 2 Weeks and 2 days from now! THAT is a LONG time.

I woke up this morning wondering what the day will bring.. Its nice and sunny outside but cold as heck, I just want the snow to melt, the birds to sing and the weather to get warmer. I want SPRING! I want to be able to take little man to the park and let him run off his energy, I want to be able to walk places and go do activities together and not get frostbite on every appendage of my body. I was not made for winter weather, I was made for the warmth...

Well I am off, duty calls. Little man just asked to snuggle and I NEVER NEVER say no to snuggles from him, because the day will soon come when Mommy is gross and old and SO uncool.

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