Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bees, Boogers and Valentines

Have I been a busy bee or what!? BUZZ! I have spent the majority of my time online looking at furniture, trying to book moving trucks, and packing is going to have to start today. I dislike moving. There is always so much to do! And if I don't have a hard enough time walking in the first place, try putting a box of fragile things in my hands.. they won't survive. Not to mention with the maze of boxes and furniture I will be lucky to make it out alive.

My Birthday Weekend proved to be productive. We have found all kinds of furniture.. cheap. We visited with friends, little man stayed at Tia and Tio's on Saturday night. He loves it there.

Monday is always interesting, Housemate Lady was home yesterday and of course Little man decided it was a great idea to act like a little booger all day. He had so many time outs I was starting to think that I should just keep him in that chair. *Sigh* Ah, Valentines Day. Little man and I made some Valentines for a few people in the morning. Gotta love the fact that he is convinced that stickers belong on his face instead of the paper... "Mommy I cute" he says... Yes, little man, Yes you are. When Daddy got home little man ran up to him with the Valentine we made him... and gave him a giant hug. It was nice! We spent the evening together and I enjoyed every minuet of it.

Today we are supposed to go pick up a table in Alliston, Gorgeous table that I like to refer to as the "Child Pulverizer" This is because as gorgeous as it is, the top is ceramic... We will keep that out of the way while little man is playing... as he is a clumsy as I am and I really don't want him to have a date with THAT!

I suppose I should go and get some stuff done. If Husband/Daddy ever gets boxes I can start packing them!

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