Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Broken Eggs, HUGE hearts and Waterlogged!

Well, of course yesterday was Monday! What a day! I dislike Monday's on many levels but yesterday was interesting to say the least. Have you ever heard the saying: "No use crying over spilled Milk?" Well, I am wondering.. what about crying over dropped egg? Little Man and I decided to make a Carrot cake yesterday, It's Husband/Daddy's favorite and Little Man LOVES to help Mommy do things so he volunteered his services right away.

We got things all organized and I pulled out the eggs. I told Little Man: "Don't touch these please they will break and make a HUGE mess." He looked and me and said "Ok Mommy..." YEAH RIGHT. Well, I turned for one second to grab the flour and there was already an egg on the floor, which somehow managed to not only just hit the floor, but the counter, the cupboards, Little Man's chair he was using to stand on to get to counter height, his hands, his hair and his clean shirt. I turned around and he looked shocked. I am not sure why since I warned him that would happen! I was also shocked. I know Little Men don't ALWAYS listen, but I didn't think he'd do the complete opposite of what I wanted him to do in so little time. I Looked at him and said: "Little Man, Mommy ASKED you NOT to touch the eggs! Look What Happened NOW!? He started to whimper and I did the first thing that I thought to do which was grab him off the chair, pull his clothes off and wash him down with soapy water from head to toe to make sure I got all the egg goop off of him and gave him a big hug and just reassured him that he needed to be a good listener from that point on. I then sent him packing into the living room so I could clean up, but that didn't work very well, because for some reason as that moment I started to cry! I know, I know. BAD MOMMY! I have no idea why I started to cry, it just happened. I sat there covered in Little Man's Egg mess, tears streaming down my face. Little Man tip toed into the kitchen and said in his nicest voice: "Ok Mommy?" I told him that I was OK and that I was sorry for getting upset with him and he said "It Ok Mommy, Don't cry." This made me cry harder. My Little Man is so sweet. At that moment he cupped my face in his hands and said: "Smile Mommy!" And something dawned on me. I MUST be doing something right. He has such a big heart, He is so loving and caring! At that moment I did just as he asked. I smiled at him and then told him how much I love him and sent him packing again to clean up that silly little mess in the kitchen. I know it's normal to make mistakes, but lordy I always feel like an awful parent. Maybe I am just too hard on myself! I then finished with the cake and took Little Man up to the Bathtub to get him really clean. 

I got him in the tub and he started splashing all around, he then picked up the cup and went to pour water out of the tub. I nicely reminded him to keep the water in the tub. At that same moment I ended up with the cup full of water over my head instead. Sopping wet I looked at Little Man....he gets the cute thing from me but he gets this defiance thing from his Father. I was an angel child.

*Disclosure:* If My Mother is reading this I am pretty sure is rolling on the floor laughing at that last "I was an angel child" bit and also feeling a little triumphant that I am not having the easiest time parenting in the world... Well Mom, SHUSH YOU!

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  1. It's funny my MIL use to tell me all the naughty things her son did when he was little. Now that we have kids, all of a sudden she doesn't remember all those things LOL. She says "Oh my grandsons are just as good as their Daddy was". hahaha I'm like yup! haha She is very funny, and I love her.

    I am sure you could have handled with egg situation perfectly, and just been all smiles, but honestly, we are human. I think other than how you said (which didn't sound bad on here, but is hard to tell when reading what tone you used), you did everything right. You need to teach him that not listening is not good, it has concequences, like dropping an egg and making a huge mess all over the kitchen.

    Isn't it sweet when they feel bad for you and hug and kiss you? I have 3 boys 4, 3 and 1, my oldest is really sweet too. When I am sick, he likes to take care of me, he will pat my head, and kiss it and tell me I will be ok.

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    I am now following!