Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GIRL OR BOY? Ultrasounds and Poking and Prodding!

Ok, So I am offically 16 weeks as of today. I took this picture a few days ago so I thought it would be sufficient to post it.

Yesterday I had my Doctor's Appointment, When I went in I got poked and prodded as per usual when you are pregnant. Sheesh.. you have to get poked and prodded to GET pregnant and then for the entire 9 months after you are poked and prodded by a plethora of different people!

It was an interesting appointment. Grandpa M Watched Little Man while I went in to get all this stuff done. Considering they did a full physical. My weight gain has been minimal so far which is a positive thing. I am eating enough, just not bludgeoning myself like last time so that's good! All Positive stuff so far!

They also booked my Ultrasound for gender determination! I will be finding out May 27th if I am having Another Little boy or a Little Girl. My Sister is currently Pregnant too. She is 19 weeks, she had her ultrasound today and called me... IT'S A GIRL! I knew it, I could tell by the way she is carrying! I am excited to have a little girl to do fun girl stuff with and spoil! It's kinda nice to know I am an Aunt now and don't have to be the disciplinarian to this one! I can just be fun Aunt Ninja!

So everyone...... This is the question. Based on how I am carrying in the picture (Low and all out front, my shirt is very long so it looks higher up but my belly ends just before my lady parts begin lol and the shirt covers my bum!)......

Am I Having A Girl Or Boy!?

Please post your guesses in the comment section.. I sure would love to know the predictions of those that don't know me personally.


  1. kinda looks like a boy to me!! whats your prefrence?? baby girl or baby boy??

    Jacqueline D. [real indiana housewife]

  2. When did you have intercourse, before you ovulated? 5 Days before its a Girl, the day before its a Boy. All down to sperm speed, male is faster, female more durable. Natural selection at work. So if you were trying really hard, it should be a boy.

  3. have no idea.....but loving that sexy shirt!

    MIL insists it's what end of the bed you had sex on....head on pillow, feet on pillow. makes me wonder, what if you were laying sideways on the bed?

  4. Giiiirl!

    I have four kiddos and didn't find out with any of was so much fun! Any way I can talk you into not finding out?

  5. Thanks everyone!!! I'll be happy no matter what the gender Is as long as baby is healthy and happy. Thanks rory it's my fave shirt lol. Anita!! 4 lkids all genders a surprise!? You are a strong lady!! I can't do that. Found out with my first and have to find out with this one. I need to be prepared for specifics. Yep, i am one of those!! Idislike the idea of gender neutral colors for the nursery etc. I also have OCD and that does not make me
    A fan of surprises lol !!