Friday, May 20, 2011

What Is Wrong With Men? No Seriously..

Can I just ask a question that has been getting to me for a long time? I am going to anyways...

"What the hell is wrong with men!?" NO... SERIOUSLY!?

The Men get you pregnant... even a second time after having dealt with a pregnant wife once already.... and STILL act surprised at what pregnancy entails? Is it just mine? Is he just a slow learner? Are men slow learners in general!? Or are they actually THAT ignorant?

Now,  I am not slamming Men in general. I happen to quite like men, they are very useful for... umm.... erm.... well helping to procreate... and um..... well... Keeping you on your toes..... and...

Ok we will just leave the list of what Men are useful for, for another day. My Mother always taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say, Don't say anything at all and I am in quite the mood right now.. 

It seems like Husband/Daddy does things deliberately that pissed me off BEFORE I was pregnant and then wonders why my reaction is stronger right now than ever! Umm could that be because I HAVE A PERSON IN MY BODY!!?? Might it have something to do with the fact that my hormones are raging, my boobs hurt and I want to eat everything in sight? Might it have something to do with the fact that you KNOW that these things drive me nuts, that you KNOW that these things make me crazy, and that you are well aware that I cry at cereal commercials and get mad at dinner when it doesn't cook fast enough yet expect me to be ok when you come upstairs at night carrying my measuring cup full of water because you say all the cups are in the "Dishwasher"? NO genius they are NOT in the dishwasher, they are right beside your freaking side of the bed because as usual you can't take your cup down with you in the morning!

Is it just me!? Seriously, am I the only woman on the face of this earth than is married to a caveman in 2011?


  1. omg girl i feel your pain my hubby is the same way and it really pisses me off. he acts like he dont understand why im so upset when he does some stupid ass thing...i think its all men that act like this..

  2. And this is why my Mother taught me to never expect anything from a man beside a boner and some excuse for the excuse they've already created.

  3. For some reason, "you are well aware that I cry at cereal commercials" made me laugh out loud. Such a perfect encapsulation of pregnancy hormones.

    My husband is, in general, not at all caveman-like. But he still seems to think that things are about to get easier, even though we just finished pregnancy #3 and have a newborn at home once again. Who knows? Now that we're done having kids, maybe things really will get easier. (Not holding my breath.)