Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2010, Tempting Fate and Daylight Savings Time

Things seem to be working out for us for the time being. I don't mean to sound negative but when you have gone through what we had been through in 2010 its hard not to assume trouble is lurking around the corner. On a positive note we are thoroughly happy with what we have. We enjoy where we are living and I continue to put forth a great effort to never give the stairs here the satisfaction of meeting my behind up close. Of course its only a matter of time before my bottom gives in and lets the stairs have a little contact. Especially since I have been walking slowly down the stairs to avoid falling, but the stairs may be under the impression that I am teasing them, and when you lead something on like that.. there are usually consequences.

Things have been busy around here. We are all still getting over being sick. Husband/Daddy has been helpful lately so I assuming my little list of my day actually instilled some sense of what a day at home is actually like and he has decided to take some initiative. Don't get me wrong, he still leaves his cups beside the bed and his socks all over the floor but at least he can wash a dish without me asking... that's progress.

Little Man has decided that he now speaks Spanish and has taken a liking to counting from 1-10 in Spanish as well as playing with his school bus and saying Bus in Spanish. It's quite adorable when he walks up to me in the kitchen while I am cooking and says: "Hola Mommy." It makes me giggle.

Today was spent just hanging around. I have Daylight Savings Time to thank for my Little man now sleeping in until 7:30ish every morning. Way better than 6:30. Yay! And he is still going to bed at 7:30pm so that's nice.

I guess I am going to head to bed, Like I said we have been pretty boring lately.

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