Saturday, March 5, 2011

MORE Drunk Leprechauns, Sickness and Shopping

Have you ever had one of those days that you feel like you might just end up bald from pulling all your hair out in clumps? The kind of day that you feel like you should win the "worst Mommy award?" The days that you aren't sure of what to do with yourself, your child, your husband or your dog?

That's the day I am having today. As usual Little man was up this morning shortly before 7. He was convinced that, as he put it: "The Sun Woked up". It really hadn't at all, in fact it was still pretty dark out. Daddy has now contracted this silly cold and the first thing I heard from him this morning was "I'm sick." Poor baby, although I tried to pull the tough woman thing and say "Sorry Hunny no sympathy, I had to do everything while I was sick so... Same goes for you." Except as we speak, Poor sicky is laying down for a nap.. (Might I add, I never got to take one) and I am sitting here writing this.

Today was a day to get stuff done for me. We got our income tax return and still require a few things for the new place like Garbage cans and the little cutlery trays that go in the drawers, towels, Bath matts etc. So, the plan was for Husband/Daddy to drop me off and do some laundry and the Laundromat so that we could have some clean clothes and stuff since the Washer has been broken here since we moved in and we are patiently waiting for it to get fixed... Husband/Daddy dropped me off and went to the Flea Market in town where he looked at some stuff with Little man. Little man was apparently an Angel so he got two new Police cars (that make the MOST ANNOYING siren noise) from the place and then came back to get me when the stuff was clean. They picked me up and we headed to the Book Store where I purchased a few books I have been dieing to read... and where Little Man decided that he was going to start getting crusty. I have no patients for his attitude, and especially for children that misbehave in public so that excursion was short lived. Husband/Daddy took him kicking and screaming out to the car while I stood in line.. Why does it always seem like when its time for me to do something for myself he starts getting crusty? Sure he behaved really well for Daddy earlier... but then all of a sudden that was over and when I wanted do something it was rather rushed. FINE. So I purchase my stuff and get back in the car where I have a little chat with my "Drunk Leprechaun" About manners and behavior in general but especially in Public. He says sorry and we head to the next store to go and stock up on the things we are missing. I warn him as we get out of the car to make sure that he behaves himself, he says he will so we proceed in.

About 10 Minuets not even into our shopping trip the Leprechaun is now not only drunk but straight up belligerent... he has decided that the shopping cart can't contain him and that if he screams loud enough he will get what he wants... I have NO idea where he got that notion... must be the Apple Juice talking because he should KNOW by now that that NEVER works. I gave him one stern warning and he looked right at me and said "No Mommy." So in one fowl swoop I had him out of the cart and was racing for the exit. Daddy was just coming around the corner from looking at things and said "Aren't we going to buy this stuff?" Dear old Husband, we only managed to get two things in the cart before your child (I say your because when he misbehaves its CLEARLY something he inherited from his father and certainly not from his mother) decided that turning into the Hulk's Mini Me in the cart was the best idea. Those things will still be here tomorrow, or later today.. but Little Man's attitude IS GOING to change.. I continue out of the store with Daddy following behind me and Little Man screaming. Yes, I am getting dirty looks from people who probably have their children at home with their Grandparents or they are keeping them quiet with bribes.. but don't you DARE judge me because I would rather drag my Gremlin out of a store kicking and screaming than try to subdue him with what he wants, that may work in the short term but certainly is only to everyone's detriment in the long run, and I will NOT resort to constant bribes for my child to behave.. he will just do it.

We get to the car and I look him in the eyes and say in my best I am a mad Mommy voice: "Now you listen to me Little Man, You got taken out of the store because you can't behave, so now we are going to go straight home and you are going to have a nap." He tried to object, but it was useless. He was sad because he wanted to go look at the toy section of the store but instead now all he was looking at was Mommy being disappointed in his behavior and pretty soon the ceiling of his bedroom and then the back of his eye lids.

We got home, I put him in bed. He got out. I put him back in bed he said he was sorry for not behaving and then that little leprechaun cried himself to sleep the whole while muttering something about the toy section of the store.

Now, I feel like I did the right thing, because I WONT have my child acting like that in the middle of a store... or at home for that matter. But of course the main thing about being a Mother I have found (aside from the messy hugs and sticky kisses of course) is the guilt. If I wasn't feeling guilty then I don't believe I would have parented effectively.

Well, Now.. I am going to go and clean the house a little bit and Hope my little leprechaun sleeps as much as possible and doesn't wake up with an Apple Juice Hangover of some sort... and maybe, just maybe, we can try this trip to the store again... If he misbehaves this time I believe my Mother In Law in Turks and Caccios will be receiving quite the shipment in the mail. It will be fragile. Don't worry I will poke air holes.

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