Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sickies, Jealousy and Hotel Rooms

I swear that I am expected to be a super hero. Listen here everyone. Ninjas are Ninjas NOT super Heros and although I AM incredibly cool and stealthy I in no way possess any sort of super human strength. Unless being able to fall down 10 stairs without dieing proves otherwise.. although I think that only proves my lack of normal human strength in the clumsy area and actually makes me less of a super hero and more of a putz.

When Husband/Daddy is sick he lays in bed moaning about how awful he feels. He sniffles and sneezes and moans and groans. When Little man is sick, he keeps me up all night and then falls asleep on the couch during the day while I still have to clean. This Ninja has NO time for naps. Yet when I am sick.. I am still expected to go about life taking care of these whiny snot nosed sickies, maintain the house and feed everyone. When do I get to check out? When do I get to lay in bed and whine?

Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen while Sicky Daddy was laying on the couch, I came into the living room and this is what I saw:

Yep, they are both passed out snoring on the couch. Now, at this point a lot of things were running through my head. "Awww that's cute", "What the heck!? Why doesn't Little man fall asleep with me?", "Why is it that when I am sick he won't just lay down for a second?" and the ever annoying "Why does Daddy get to sleep?" Jealous Much!? I'd say so. Because it usually goes like this:

NinjaMommers: "Hey Little Man, come lay down with Mommy she is not feeling very well."
Little Man: "Nope"
NinjaMommers: "Ok, then can you please listen and be a good boy while Mommy takes a rest?"
Little Man: "Nope"
NinjaMommers: "Well you are going to...." (closes and rests eyes for a second)
Little Man: (Walks over, Pokes NM in the eye socket and says): "No Mommy Wake up!"

I am going to start leaving the house and renting a hotel room when these boys are sick... Mark my words.

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