Thursday, March 31, 2011

Changing the world, Kids and early bedtime.

Changing the world is a fantastic aspiration to have. For those of you that aspire to change the world, I commend you.... I was just thinking that it would be nice to change my clothes. That's as far as I go today. Well, Maybe I will change a diaper or change over the laundry or use some change to ride a bus. That's as much changing as I can handle today. Thank goodness for those motivated people out there trying to change the world. Otherwise there would be a whole lot of nothing being done.

Lately I have been exhausted. Life is leaving me in the dust and I am starting to feel like I am in need of a vacation. Just one. Just a short one. I don't even really have to leave the house... In fact if I didn't have to leave the bed that would be ideal.

I didn't post my "what's for dinner Wednesday" this week. Does that make me a bad person? In all honesty. I forgot it was Wednesday yesterday and ended up just eating out anyways. Today I was sitting quietly on the couch and I randomly looked at husband/daddy and said "umm today isn't Wednesday." He looked at me and laughed and said "no, it's Thursday" I replied with an "aww crap I didn't write my post yesterday!" disappointed I decided to write now.

Nothing really interesting to update yet. Yesterday little man and I went with Auntie A and little A to a free play group in our area. Little man was surrounded by a million other little people and I felt like I couldn't walk without tripping on a little person. He was ecstatic, but it reminded me why I will never have 10 kids... Not that I needed reminding. Little man had a tendency to take toys from other kids every once in a while. He's usually really good at sharing but yesterday a few times he would start to think he was Winona Ryder and it was time to start smuggling things that weren't his. (No disrespect to Winona I love her work but we all know what happened back in the day.) So I spent a lot of time following him around like Paul blart making sure he wasn't stealing things from multiple children. There were a few times he was put into time out but he eventually seemed to get the point. After the play date we went out for lunch and then hit up the park on the way back. Little man wanted me to come down a really narrow slide because it was really big. I must say, whoever made that slide was not accommodating anyone with hips, cheeseburger induced or otherwise.   If you had any curves at all you were at risk of getting stuck halfway down. They really need to think of us parents sometimes gosh.

Well, I am off to go lay down. It's past my bedtime by 2 hours. Yea, I realize its only 10pm.....

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  1. LOVE the Winona Ryder bit. You make me smile, and no, you are not a bad person for forgeting wednesday's post, mommy work is exhaughting. ;)