Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweet Cup N' Cakes

Today was an interesting remainder of the day. Husband/Daddy called me around Noon and let me know that the interview was put off until Sunday so not to worry too much about the house. Oh thanks, because you could already eat a meal off the floor... Oh well at least its clean for the weekend.

This afternoon Little man and I made cupcakes together. His first baking adventure with Mommy and we had quite the messy, good time.

In fact, he had so much fun icing them that I just had to take pictures of his amusement!

He made quite the mess of a few of them, but I let my OCD, Everything has to be just right attitude fly away and let my carefree just let Little man be a kid mood take over!


And I must say after I relax and just enjoy the moment life is just much more fun! 

So we iced the cupcakes with chocolate icing. Which he got more on himself and the counter and on me then I think he got on the cupcakes.

And then we used different coloured sprinkles for on top of them. They looked Beautiful once he was done. He made a special one for Daddy all blue and yellow.

 Then, he got to pick one for himself to enjoy and we hung out and ate a cupcake.

Again, he made quite the mess, but his happy funny faces were payment enough!

He was talking about it all day he was so proud of himself.
 After we cleaned up the kitchen Little Man got pretty tired and hung out for a while snuggling with Mommy on the couch. Sugar crash!

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