Friday, March 18, 2011

Manipulation, OCD and ADHD

Well, Its finally Friday. Doesn't mean much to me as we are going to have a pretty busy weekend anyways. Tomorrow Little Man is going to go spend the day with Tia and Tio while Husband/Daddy and I go and take care of a few things and tie up some loose ends. Sunday Husband/Daddy has to work again so really not much of a weekend.

Little Man is really doing a good job at testing boundaries lately. I swear he believes that if he just puts a little grin on his face he can get away with anything. (I have to admit that sometimes I truly want to let him get away with it just because he's adorable) But as usual he doesn't get away with anything, consistency is hard when you have a comedian for a child. The other day he poured his juice all over the floor and when I looked at him and said "Little Man you KNOW you aren't supposed to do that" He looked back, literally batted his eyelashes and said "Cute Face" Cupped both hands around his chin and flashed me a cute smile. It almost worked. I mean Am I getting soft?! Something inside me melted but I kept my exterior cool and calm and put him in Time-Out. No manipulating me Young Man.

This morning has been a different story. He has literally been an angel! Thankfully because when I came downstairs with him this morning I saw that not only was the kitchen a disaster, but the garbages that I had asked Husband/Daddy to take out were still there and over flowing. He is supposed to be having an interview at the house today so of course I am in "Make the house pristine, OCD cleaning.. Oh Look There's another mess ADHD mode." That's right Ladies and Gentlemen, I Have been blessed with OCD and ADHD, I am starting to become unsure of how I function as its seemingly getting worse. And of course, put a broom in my hand, give me a dustpan and all of a sudden I am the one thats a mess! Apparently I can't clean without my buttocks shining the floor. Oh, and wash the floor!? Yeah right! Then I am in trouble, because if for some reason I have to walk across the wet floor I am somehow sliding and slipping all over the place and end up wearing the mop bucket on my head by accident, covered in soapy dirty water and crying. Seriously, Its happened before.

I am starting to feel pretty secluded. Thankfully the weather is getting better so we can start our daily spring picnics and trips to the park again. Those were always fun and I know Little Man will be happy those days are back.

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  1. Dear Ninja,

    Kapow! Little Man is awesome, Wee Man is very similar. Maybe that is why they were such great friends in moments of being in the same room.