Monday, April 25, 2011

Cereal Commercials, Independence and Dog Poop

OK. So this week has lead me to believe that time goes by REALLY fast when you don't want it to. Seriously. I spent my entire youth waiting to grow up, have a husband that I love and loves me and have beautiful children that I get to watch grow. And now that I am there, well, it just seems to be going by too fast! SLOW DOWN TIME AND LET ME ENJOY MYSELF! Little Man is already so independent and yes, I am blessed to be having another baby but that wasn't meant to replace or make up for the fact that my first born has been growing at such a rapid rate that I can't seem to keep track of it.. and it won't make up for or replace that because it will be a separate experience with a different child. 2 1/2 years from now I will be thinking the same thing about both my children. Little Man will be 5 and Baby will be 2 and I am sure I will be wondering where the time has gone and what I am supposed to do with myself when they go off to College. Yeah, I know, I am nuts. One child is only 2 1/2 right now and the other has still only been in my belly cooking for 14 weeks yet I have already been wondering... What will I do after my children don't need me as much anymore? When they have their own endeavors, their own lives, and eventually their own families? Sheesh, I am sentimental today. Pregnancy has taken over all the funny bones in my body and replaced them with mushy ones that aren't very funny at all and cause to me cry at Cereal Commercials. Yes, I have done that.

On a more realistic note, as I don't think worrying about something that won't happen for years to come is very realistic, Today has been rather interesting. Husband/Daddy is off at work and Little Man and I have been just hanging out playing and watching movies. This weather is something else. It can't seem to decide what it is that it wants to do! It's crazy talk, its been snowing all morning and started clearing up and getting sunny. So Little Man and I went outside and started drawing with some chalk. Until he stepped in some dog poop that the lovely neighbors left on our lawn. I mean come on. They have a little chihuahua thing and it poops in my garden and on the lawn. I dislike it when people just let their dog poop somewhere and then refuse to pick it up. So we had to cut that short to clean up his shoes and stuff! I almost wanted to take his shoes over to their front door and wipe them all over their glass door.. but I refrained, next time they might not be so lucky. And I might be in a worse mood. And I might ring the doorbell and in turn wipe the shoes on their faces and say.. "PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG!" or better yet, let my dog out on their lawn who has the most massive poops I have ever seen, and just let her go to town and then leave it there... OR I could even put our dogs poops in a paper bag at their front door, set it on fire, ring the doorbell.. and well, you get the picture. Clearly I am upset by this.

Yesterday was Easter. So the Easter Bunny came for Little Man, whom might I add was so excited by the idea of the Easter Bunny that this morning he woke me up again with a "Mommy The Easter Bunny Came!" I had to tell him that was yesterday. I spent the entire day in the kitchen yesterday cooking an Easter dinner that consisted of a Ham, a Turkey, and a ton of sides. It was a great dinner but I must be honest when I say.. UGH... tiring to cook such a meal for sure. But I enjoy cooking. I also made a carrot cake, which might I say, I was flipping good! Made from scratch with Cream Cheese Icing made from scratch! NOM NOM NOM!

Anyways, I am gonna go hit the road and hang out with Little Man some more.

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