Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ultrasounds, Assault and Spanish

So today was my first ultrasound. I opted to participate in the IPS (integrated prenatal screening) to check for trisomy 18, down syndrome and spina bifida. I went in Thinking I might be able to get pictures of baby but apparently as per the technician the radiology department for my area did not invest in a printer to allow people to take pictures home... How nice! I am sure they don't make enough money to afford printers.... I mean those printers are so expensive! If they were to charge for pictures it's not like the printers would have paid for themselves in one day or anything... Sheesh. Cheapskates. 

I love ultrasounds in fact I was very excited to see baby for the first time. But, honestly that liter of water they make you drink is so not necessary! They include a little note on the back of the ultrasound requisition that explains how to prepare but it's too short, what it should really say is the following;

"Dear mom to be,
Please be prepared to fill your bladder With one liter of liquid hell one hour prior to your appointment. You may NOT piddle for 2 hours prior to your appointment and once your appointment begins with a full bladder please be prepared to have a technician push as hard as possible on your bladder while baby in your belly pushes on the opposite side therefor forcing your bladder to threaten you with leakage all over the table. Halfway through your ultrasound you will be told to empty your bladder because baby isn't cooperating with the full bladder anyways. In Which case you will go to the bathroom and relieve your bladder that currently hates you and return to the room to continue your ultrasound. This will be where the baby decides to cooperate and the technician will laugh and say the full bladder was unnecessary. This note is to warn you of what's to come so that at that point you do NOT reach over to the technician and beat her relentlessly with the ultrasound screen. We know you will want to. 
The ultrasound department"

I really think they need to warn people of this. Someone could get hurt pretty badly. Thankfully I restrained myself. 

Little man stayed with Gramma T this morning while we went to the appointment. He had a blast. And his language Development Is really coming along and a lot of what he says is too funny. In fact he has got quite the sense of humor and thanks to a television show we all know and love (or love to hate sometimes, those sometimes would be when you find yourself singing the songs in the shower) Little man knows a ton of Spanish. In fact he can count from 1-10 in English and Spanish and knows the difference between the two languages. Lets hope he doesn't learn to swear at me in Spanish because I will end up congratulating him without realizing he just called me a bad word. 

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