Monday, April 11, 2011

Rude People Terrible Two's and Vultures!

I love being pregnant don't get me wrong. I actually thoroughly enjoy carrying a baby around in my stomach for 9 months, having my baby steal my looks, my body, my energy and sometimes my food.... Seriously! I do!

What I do NOT enjoy is RANDOM people at the grocery store asking me "Are you expecting?", "How far along are you?" and "Was it planned?" ARE YOU SERIOUS!? What if I was not expecting and just carrying around some extra weight? What if it wasn't planned? And What if I am only 2 weeks pregnant but look 22? "Does that mean that you, the nosy lady at the grocery store are offering to pay for a personal trainer as well as a psychiatrist to help treat the low self esteem that you just contributed to? Or if the baby wasn't planned... were you offering to fund the pregnancy and raising of said child or planning to burn me at the stake?" No? Didn't think so. SO MIND YOUR OWN BLOODY BUSINESS.

On another note, for those of you out in internet land that are wondering the same things.. YES I am expecting... I am 13 Weeks Pregnant as of yesterday and YES this was planned.

Little Man has been especially pushy lately. His new favorite thing to do is ANYTHING that pushes my buttons. No, it's not the hormones talking.. I am serious. For example today I asked him to do something in respect to cleaning up his toys and he decided that he was going to reply with a very stern "I'm Busy!!" Wow, my 2 year old is busy? Interesting, I would like to know what it is that ties up a 2 year olds agenda? He must have so much required of him that when asked to do one little thing he can't possibly comply... maybe he's doing what Husband/Daddy does and Imagining cleaning or even helping out just a little but not actually moving. Because, I am sorry  Little Man but sitting on your derriere on the couch driving a car on your knee doesn't constitute as a full schedule to me... so MOVE IT! I think he's had more Time Out's today than my internet connection.. which is rare because I usually get that stinky message frequently that my "blah blah blah has had a connection error... blah." Not to mention that the pregnancy has me dragging my butt come Noon. I could use a nap, whether I slept all night or got up 10,000 times to pee, by Noon I feel like I need toothpicks in my eye lids and coffee to keep me awake. Instead I have natures Alarm clock.. A 2 year old. Because there is nothing more reassuring than starting to drift off only to be poked by a little finger and told that it's not bedtime yet.

Yep, Pregnancy is different this time around. Because last time I don't recall being nearly this tired. But that could be because I slept and ate all day... which would also be a great contributor to the 60 + Lbs I gained with Little Man. Hey, at least this time I can't sleep nearly as much as I have Little Tooth picks to keep my eyes open that I like to refer to as Little Man, and A vulture that flies by every time I have a meal or a snack and scoops up half of it... also referred to as Little Man.


  1. Oh my dear fellow ninja, you need to make a hiding spot for your snacks away from little and big man. I hear Nyquill is great for putting kids to sleep, lol! When you want a nap, slip some in his juice! ROFL!
    No but seriously, steal the car and make the backseat comfy, lock the doors and take a nap.
    That and I'll share my munchies with ya!

  2. Welcome to pregnancy #2. I guess I forgot to worn you, IT SUCKS! WeeMan wasn't even 1 until the end of my pregnancy, and he didn't walk until he was already one. Just bribe him with lollipops and popsicles to let Mommy have a nap!