Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Like Father Like Son, Fries and Gravy

"Can you take the garbage out?"

- I will do it later

"I am going out this evening, when you put Little Man to bed can you give him a bath?"

-Does He really need a bath tonight?

Why is it that when I request that something get done its always an argument? Why can't he just do it? Worst part is that Little Man has now adopted this approach.

"Little Man clean up your toys please."

-5 More minuets Mommy

"Little Man pick that block up off the floor"

-Later Mommy, I busy.

Of course Little Man never gets away with that as when Mommy says to do something you are expected to do it now not later and certainly not whenever you feel like it. Unfortunately for some reason Husband/Daddy doesn't seem to get the message. He continues to do these things over and over and then forgets to complete the task I asked him to because he said he would do it later but he never remembers to, How convenient. Of course, I end up doing it anyways and while it's not worth the argument anymore I really am starting to feel taken advantage of.

Little Man has decided that he's a show off. My friend Em came over yesterday and hung out for a little while and Little Man decided he was going to do everything I asked him NOT to do and totally refuse to listen to a word I said.. the entire time. Of course he got a Time-out but what I think he really needed solitary confinement. I hate it when he acts like that, he's usually so sweet when it's just him and I, and although he still tests boundaries, and patients he seems to do it a lot more and put a lot more effort into making me nusto when someone else is around.

I have decided this pregnancy is the same but different. I have not gained much weight.. yet. And am hoping that I do not. However, I have been craving things so much that it's actually making me INSANE! I mean seriously all I want all day and night is fries and gravy. I am not sure why.. But that is what I want. Pickles aren't bad either. I am currently 15 weeks in and am showing like crazy already. I am huge! And No, Its not twins...

Awww man I gotta go, I just heard something crash and the dog is running around the house like a Mad Man, I need to go figure out who did what.


  1. Sounds like life with children, always expect the unexpected. and now I'm craving fries with gravy:) everyone shows sooner w/2nd because the body knows what to do to accommodate for baby.

  2. I have to agree. The unexpected is ALWAYS lurking around the corner. I am glad its normal that I am showing. I Keep weighing myself thinking I have gained like 20lbs but thankfully I have not. Mmmm Fries and Gravy... sorry for the craving sharing :D

  3. I'm not pregnant but now I'm craving junk food. My husband is the same way. He teaches the kids his bad habits. It is so frustrating and I hate being the nag all the time!

  4. He He, I seem to do well with enticing people to eat junk food. Really not my intention I Promise :D I too hate being the nag, I think sometimes the men we are with put us in the position of being the Evil Mommy. We aren't evil.. just civil.. there's a difference.