Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stuffy noses, Alarm Clocks and Cough Medicine

Oh well, here we are again. I was up all night last night because someone is sick now. You guessed it, it's Little Man. He is usually a great sleeper, but you always know when he is not feeling well because he's up every hour on the hour! He hates having a stuffy nose, so he gets frustrated with it and wakes himself up. Let me tell you its not pretty either, because he wants to be awake about as much as I want him to be awake, so not only is he grumpy about his stuffy nose... but he's also quite unimpressed that he's awake in the first place. We have a cool mist humidifier in his room that helps a little bit and I propped up his pillow so he wasn't laying flat, but alas he was STILL up every hour on the hour until 6am when he FINALLY fell back to sleep. That allowed me to fall asleep until about 7am when Husband/Daddy's annoying alarm goes off. It ALWAYS wakes me up! He uses the cell phone alarm and it's the MOST annoying sound I have ever heard. For some reason the alarm doesn't wake him up right away. So, I always find myself punching him and telling him to turn the damn thing off and get the hell out of my bed! Which in turn wakes me up fully and I then have to attempt to fall back asleep. And no, I don't get up with him and make him breakfast before he goes to work everyday. I am a Mom, a Ninja and a Wife not a Maid.

I finally fall back asleep around 7:45am to be awakened at 8:30am by Little Man. Granted, he slept in a little but considering how often he was awake last night, He didn't sleep in enough in my eyes. I was still exhausted so being a bad Mommy I let him come into bed with me where I turned on a few episodes of his favorite television shows and he snuggled up to me and we laid there quietly. We were both drifting back off to dreamland when the phone rang. I answer it and it's my Brother In Law, he's outside of my front door here to pick up his cough medicine he left here from the weekend when he came over for Easter Dinner. He was apologetic for waking me and I know it wasn't planned to make my day suck or anything so I hold no blame towards him, that's just the way the day seems to be going. So I traipsed downstairs, grabbed his cough medicine from the cupboard and handed it to him wearily, closed the door behind me and headed back up to bed. I climb back into the nice warm bed where Little man is still cuddled in the blankets, clearly awake but comfortable and I start drifting again. The phone rings. Its Husband/Daddy. Ok, I am seconds away from throwing the entire phone out the window. I chat with him for a second and decide that it's time to just get up, make the bed and continue my day downstairs. So, I get out of bed and the phone rings again. This time it's my Grandma. Being the wonderfully thoughtful person she is, she makes the conversation quick, as she can hear Little Man getting frustrated with how long I am now taking to get organized.

I have to say, being sick has never bothered me until I had a child. If I am up all night with him, then him and I are both exhausted the next day, which complicates EVERYTHING. I can't just sleep or relax all day like people without children because even if I wanted to it's not possible. In fact, a nap isn't even possible anymore. And if I get sick right now.. (which I inevitably will because Little Man is sick and I am with him all day and when pregnant your immune system is lowered)... I can't take anything to feel better, no cough medicine, no anything. In fact I was advised against even sucking on a damn throat lozenge. So unlike those of you that can at least medicate yourselves, I on the other hand have to suffer through it. Not to mention a fever is bad for pregnant women as a prolonged high raise in body temperature can harm the baby. I won't even get into what happens if it turns into bronchitis because the only safe antibiotic for pregnant women is Penicillin and I am deathly allergic...

I am not looking forward to the next few days.. Lets just hope this Ninja can evade the evil virus that has penetrated my home.

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