Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!

Welcome back to my weekly "Little Man's Funny Quote Fridays!" This week was certainly hard to figure out. But I finally have one. It's rather simple, but I found it to be rather comical. Little Man and I were walking around the house this evening cleaning up his toys before bed. He looked up at me and said:
 "Mommy No bed" and when Daddy piped up from the kitchen and said "Little Man it IS bedtime." Little Man Looked back at Husband/Daddy scrunched up his face in an angry little scowl and said:

"No Daddy, I talkin to Mommy please."

It kinda cracked me up because 1) He thought my response was going to be any different than Husband/Daddy's... (and it wasn't) and 2) Because I have NO idea where he got that from!

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