Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Duties of A Ninja Mommer, Broken Glass and Spilled Milk

Well, today has gone back to being interesting. Husband/Daddy is out working today and all of a sudden the weirdness I call life has picked up again to unfold into something more eventful than when he is home. "No Hunny that is NOT a hint that I want you not to come back or anything like that, you know I love you! But would it KILL you to PLEASE clean up after yourself, even a little?!"

Yes, as a Stay at home Mom it IS my job and my duty to take care of the house. It is my job and my duty to take care of the children. And it is my job and my duty to make sure dinner is on the table every night. BUT, it is NOT my duty to wipe my 24 year old husband arse after he goes to the bathroom and although it hasn't gone THAT far yet, I am afraid that's where this is headed. When it gets to the point that he can't do anything for himself or anyone else it has gone too far. I thought that writing him a complete list of what I do all day would possibly help him to understand that when he doesn't do the things that are required of him he complicates my day. That worked for a minuet or two, but then he got WORSE! I am far too young to have a 24 year old child and absolutely refuse to baby this man child. I will have to plot out an idea of what I can do to make him realize what he's doing is making things complicated for me to do my job. Any Suggestions? Anyone?

This morning started with Husband/Daddy leaving for work. Little man was still asleep and since Husband/Daddy makes so much noise getting himself organized for work (I am a light sleeper) I woke up and crept around the house getting things organized. What launched me into my previous rant about Husband/Daddy's annoying habits is that I managed to blindly bump into the dresser, which would be fine if Husband/Daddy didn't have a cup on top of it that decided to go flying off the top, making a lot of noise and shedding a lot of broken glass all over my bedroom. Now, of course I wasn't wearing slippers, and also couldn't see so I had to hold on to hope that I didn't step on the broken glass while fumbling for the light switch so I could go get the broom to clean up the mess, thankfully the ruckus didn't wake Little Man. Once that mess was cleaned and all serious injury as a result was avoided I moved on to the bathroom, where Husband/Daddy had yet ANOTHER cup. Really? How many cups does this man need? Worst part is, he could take them downstairs on his way but doesn't. So, I get everything organized and cleaned up and move to the spare room to strip the bed and wash the sheets and comforter. I start lugging those down the stairs and you guessed it, the comforter tripped me up I grabbed onto the railing in time to save myself from tumbling down the stairs but the other cup from in the bathroom I was also carrying didn't fair so well, and yet again I had another glass mess to clean. Little Man finally woke up, opened his door and the first words out of his mouth were "Ok Mommy?!" I love how there was no good morning, or the sun waked up this time. This time it was pure concern for my safety. Who can blame him? I am sure by now he knows how accident prone I am. After reassuring Little Man that I would survive and cleaning up the glass mess, I proceeded to go get him and come back down the stairs to feed him breakfast. He went and sat down at the table and I somehow managed to spill the entire jug of Milk all over the floor and go for a slippery skate in my Kitchen which resulted in me landing on my bottom covered in Milk, taking the bowl of cheerios with me, which consequently landed all over me as well.

Today's Lessons:

"Husbands suck sometimes, Placenta Brain combined with being accident prone is a BAD combo and Milk and Cheerios belong in a bowl NOT on the floor"

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  1. I say tie the cup around a string, and on that other end of the string you tie it to his hand while he's sleeping that way when he wakes up, he's forced to take it with him! Mwa ha ha!