Wednesday, April 6, 2011


WELL, you guessed it by the picture... I am Pregnant.. Again!! YAHOO! This picture was taken on February 4th 2011 and that puts me at approximately 12 weeks as of today.

Of course all I have wanted to do since that day was blog about pregnancy whilst already having a toddler and how much different the second pregnancy feels when you can't just eat and sleep all day. But alas, we were waiting to tell everyone until we felt confident the pregnancy was going to stick and until we had already told most of our family as I have some family members that read this and would have HATED for them to find out this way along with the general public. We wanted to tell them personally. So, now that we have I can Finally let everyone else in on the pregnancy and write about whatever I want. Hallelujah! I dislike restrictions if you can tell. In fact, I am way surprised I didn't let it slip before this. But, I didn't!

So, being 12 weeks pregnant I can honestly say is quite different this time around. For example last time I ate all day and slept in until Noon, this time I have a 2 year old waking me up at 7am every morning and stealing half of the food off my plate. Hasn't anyone taught him that you DO NOT steal food from a pregnant lady!? Its dangerous as your hand may be bitten. I don't think I have ever felt so exhausted in my life as I have in the past 3 months. I literally NEED a nap every day by Noon or I am dragging myself around the house, and since Little Man had stopped napping its been even worse, but I have managed to get myself passed the last draining 3 months. I just can't believe that I am showing ALREADY! I had my second Doctor's appointment last week and when I went in and stepped on the scale for the second time in three months I was TERRIFIED! This Ninja can evade a lot of things, but I have NEVER been good at avoiding the dreaded numbers on the scale. When I was pregnant with Little Man I gained 10 pounds in the first 3 months so I was expecting the same this time around. I took my shoes and coat off and stepped on the scale and clinched my eyes closed. I almost didn't want to know, Since I haven't lost the pregnancy weight from Little Man I was just really scared what I would weigh by the end of this pregnancy. Before I got pregnant with Little Man I was 135lbs. The Day I gave birth to Little Man I Was 200lbs... you do the math... not good. The first appointment after I got pregnant for the second time I was STILL 170lbs. Well, at 3 months pregnant this time I am actually down a pound to 169lbs. Weird. I kinda panicked then too because I didn`t understand why I was losing weight, I wasn`t trying to! And I certainly was eating more than enough! The Doctor assured me that it was normal that not only was I showing so early but also normal that I lost weight as I am busier this time around and have to do a lot more than just eat and sleep... THANKS DR. YOU'RE TELLING ME! But I reveled in the idea that the gut that had appeared had NOTHING to do with weight gain and everything to do with the little life I am baking away in my belly! Thank Goodness...

Well, this would explain now to everyone why I have not had a date with the stairs in a while. I have been being extra careful so that I don't hurt my little Belly Bundle. In fact, I have been being so careful I might as well dress myself in caution tape and walk as slowly as possible. Even Little man has come up behind me and started pushing my fanny whilst saying "CUSE ME MOMMY.. HURRY HURRY HURRY!" Lol, pretty sad when your two year old gets irritated with your pace, shouldn't it be the other way around? Oh well.

I am sure I will have other stuff to write soon. Since I am no longer restricted by what I can and can't say online anymore.. YAY!

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